اتلانتا، جورجيا (CNN) — من المتوقع أن يذاع مقتطف صوتي لرئيس الوزراء البريطاني، طوني بلير، في حلقة من سلسلة الكارتون الاجتماعية الكوميدية الشهيرة، “عائلة سيمسونز” التي ستذاع على الهواء اليوم الأحد.

Cairo, Egypt.
Bald, chubby underachiever Omar Shamshoon works each day at the lacal nuclear power plant owned by vultrurelike millionaire Mahrooey Bey. Every evening, Omar comes home to a family that includes his blue-haired wife, Mona, hyper-smart daughter, Beesa,and troublemaking son, Badr.
sound familar?
This may not:Omar doesn’t drink beer.
Instead, he spends time with his buddies at loal coffee shopt. At home, he pops open frosty cans of Duff brand juice.
The Simpsons fans in the Middle EAst reacted with skepticism when mbc, and arabic satelite channel, announced it would bgin showing culturally modified, Arabic-dubbed versions of the iconic animated show.
The Arabic dialogue laid over existing shows is actually farily faithful to the orginal script. Nothing seems censored, but episodes such as those featuring Homer’s gay roommate or the visit to the Duff’s brewery are unlikely to be chosen for translation.
And many of the more American inside jokes are simply glossed over.
Ned Flanders, the devout Christian neighbor, is now merely annoying..with no hint of religion.
“They managed to make one of the funniest shows ever into something that is terribly unfunny, and one of the smartest shows around into somehting incredibly dumb,” ranted an Egyptian blogger who goes bby the name Sandmonkey and who wants the show canceled.”Us Simpson lovers can’t take this abomination any longer.”

somethings should be sacred….


2 Responses to “HOW DO YOU SAY ‘D’OH!’ IN ARABIC?”

  1. chattymoon2012 Says:

    What a fuck-up. Tell them to make up their own shows and leave ours alone. Then they can do what they like with the characters….crying shame

  2. Babs Says:

    That’s fucked up. Even Sooner couldn’t dream up something that scary!!!

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