I could think of better weather to wake up to than drizzling pissy rain…and 46 degrees..Rocky woke me up mewing to go outside(he wont use a liter box…at all…) and opened the door and he stood in the doorway checking out the weather…looked up at me and mewed really loud and went back to his warm spot on the footstool…hey asshole, its not my fault it’s raining outside…all thought for some reason he seems to think that I am all powerful and control all events having to do with his life…i do control the door and the food. I always feel like Iam just an under paid doorman at a sleezy hotel in Rocky’s eyes…
I hope by this time tomorrow I will have my new computer all hooked up…and hope that Bruce didn’t sneak in a George W. Bush screen saver on it…wouldn’t surprise me at all…he says I will like the surprise that he left on it…yeah, right..
Don’t know if you all are aware that Ted Nugent is a neighbor of forest gump’s..he has a ranch(a real one, not a compound like forest’s) near Crawford, Texas…and he has a saturday morning hunting show…So I get to see ole cat scratch fever himself intertain me with his shooting abilities..he kills deer with a bow and assorted other animals..I am not against hunting…I am against having to watch it on tv..flipped on the tv one morning and was nothing but this beautiful scene of a huge buck with a great rack on him grazing thru this beautiful meadow…so Bambi like…then bamb, he just drops to the ground…deader than a door nail…nugent had just shot him..freaked me fucking out…I don’t care that you shoot, gut and skin and eat Bambi…I just don’t want to watch it…judas priest..
Jennifer came by to visit me last night..she is dreading christmas..she found out some news about her mother that upset her…seems when she went back to work at the resturant that she had worked at before that her mother had gone in with Jamie for dinner and the waittress for some reason decided to tell Kathy that she had heard Jennifer could be mean ….(which means she takes no shit from anyone)..and Kathy said…”Jennifer is a bitch.”…really did upset Jenny..she confronted her mother and her mother said she said..”Jennifer can be a bitch”…which isnt all that much better..so Jenny is a tad upset….then on top of all this..her boyfriend Jason and his family want her to go to San Antonio with them Christmas evening and visit relatives and spend the night..will have to stay in a motel…she didnt want to go as the parents and grandmother are wealthy and they treat Jenny like a poor cousin..plus the father is a stone drunk and makes Jenny nuts…so the mother tells Jenny when they go that they will have 2 rooms and Jenny will stay in one room with the grandmother and her and the sister and Jenny will sleep in one bed with the Grandma..(who is 93 years old and Jenny says never remembers her from visit to visit)..Jenny finally got pissed and told her boyfriend there was no way that she was sharing a room and a bed with them..that she would take her own car..and get her own room and he had better pay for half of the room and gas…he is…she said if they messed with her too much she would just get in her car and drive home…ha..that’s my girl…one of the great things I love about that girl is she is tough…
Jamie on the other hand is being led around by her nose by her boyfriend..she took all of her savings and bought her worthless no account boyfriend a $300 ring…this is the boyfriend that has a kid out of wed lock and never has as much as bought a box of diapers for…can’t hold a job and has a warrent for his arrest for child support…we told her instead of a ring she should have bought something for the baby and said it was from him….bang my head…
enough to drive me crazy..she is so smart but he has her peterwhipped…hope she smartens up before they have a baby too…just hope that Kathy has enough what ever it takes to make sure Jamie is on the pill or uses some sort of protection..
well…think I will go check out some books….need to load up for when the library is closed over the holidays…hope the next post I send is from my own little house….


5 Responses to “RAINING IN TEXAS”

  1. soonerfan78 Says:

    I love you and miss you, if I can get caught up on comments I will try to put up some pics on your blog tonite,you are a gift that the goddess has sent to me, and I treasure it, gotta get bizzie hon, take care and be safe.

  2. apositivepessimist Says:

    if i evah have an inside animal again i will be installing one of them pet doors.

    whoa i used to have a ted nugent pinball…i think we gave it to my brother when we moved.

    your’e jenny sounds like a very mature girl. funny how having a strong head can be confused with bitchidom. oh well better to have good head and be thought a bitch than have a soft one and be thought a [heehee i was gunna type clapped-out-christian here] pushover.

    whoa you be blogging from home soon huh. ye excited *grin* i would be. shew. no way i’d go to our local library to play on a computer. mind you its in the rural transaction centre over here…along with the credit union…plus a once a month accountant and vet and justice of the peace and, and…

    ryc:…yeah that ivy and aloe vera is mighty tough stuff js. i still manage to kill lots of outdoor plants/trees…jest ask me bruthah. i often say to myself when inspecting the last remains of an australian native plant [ie…’supposedly’ doesn’t need much water. ha! i spit on that untruth!]

    fuck! look at me prattling on.

  3. Babs Says:

    Ya, the weather kinda sucked today, but we haven’t had rain in forever. My cats do that too, look at me when the weather is bad like I can change if for them.
    Bring Jackiesue her computer tomorrow DHL!!!
    Ted Nugent is a wacko. He can play guitar, but he’s got some wild ideas about hunting and living off game food only.
    Glad Jenny’s got some smarts and don’t take no shit. Jamie, may the goddess be with her….
    Look forward to you having your own puter!!!

  4. BriteYellowGun Says:

    Get a pet door. Ours have one and they come and go as they please. Best thing we ever did was put that in.

    Thanks for making me laugh! You will be happy to hear that my tits are indeed out. LOL! Didja get the new computer???

  5. leo myshkin Says:

    it would be nice to put on a deer or some other animal costume and start firing back at old ted with an automatic weapon.

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