Yup, I am sitting in my own little swivel chair in front of my own little computer trying to figure out how babs does this with the yellow print…yellow on white is very hard to read and I don’t trust my typing or spelling enough to do this and think I am not making some mistakes…I have no idea what i just typed…fuck..
Anyhow, the tower showed up today and didn’t get a chance to toss dog shit in the back of his truck because he delivered it to the neighbors house instead of mine..judas priest..cant anyone read anymore…305 is not like 305 1/2…dipshits..
I knew that I would not be able to get in touch with anyone at any internet service because of the used my free aol disc..and will use this till I figure out who gives me the best deal..
The house smells like pie….chocolate pie, cream cheese pie and homemade apple pie with apples that I peeled and cored and fixed myownself…also promised jenny I would make her baked macaroni and cheese…going to go over there after the cowboys game…if they lose I may just drop the stuff off and come home and sulk…I was going to try and work my mojo bag again..but think when I made the bag i made it to cast the spell on the cowboys instead of the other team…
I knew when Bruce sent me the tower that when I turned on the computer there was going to be a big ass picture of george w on it..and sure enough there he was…and a marqee banner that said democrats for george w bush…took me about 1 minute to get that shit off my screen…see if I can’t get a screen saver from kinky’s website…on my other one I had a picture of Craig Bierko on it…in case no one knows who he is..he is the actor who played max baer in the cinderella man movie…and was in one of my favorite movies called the 12th floor…I will sit on his face and let him guess my weight any day of the week…gets granny’s motor running…
there was a post on one of my bitch rants and the guy cant belive I am a real granny..says it is hard to wrap his mind around a granny that has my touch with the word fuck…well, belive it sweety…I actually can rmember the first time I said it..being a child of the military I had heard every swear word and some no one else has heard of..I heard gi’s telling each other fuck you, and fuck that, fuck this…fuckity fuck fuck fuck…(thanks for that one sooner)…so one day when my daddy told me I had to gi my room(means clean up in civilian talk) I looked up at him( i was 4) and said fuck you……I still get a ringing in my head when I remember it…man…oh man…I learned instantly what ever those two words didnt say them to daddy….no sir…and I did go and gi my room…I still roll and tuck my towels, socks and underwear…you can shake them for a week and they wont come undone…I cant read a fucking word of this…I wonder if I can edit it after I compose it…hmmm..think I will end this so I can go read everyones blogs and see how bad I screwed this up….nana nana booboo… I am at home… the little town of west by god texas…


5 Responses to “GUESS WHERE THE FUCK I AM ?”

  1. Babs Says:

    Highlight the text after you type it, then hit the color button. Otherwise, you’re screwed. Which I know you’ve been begging for, but this ain’t the screwing your looking for….

  2. apositivepessimist Says:

    heehee…welcome home js!

  3. Clance' McClannahan Says:

    Yeah…your with us!!
    If you going with dial up peoplepc is cheap…cheap…cheap!Even cheaper if you break down and use your AARP they are good for 2 thing**lol**
    I have had them for months. Fast, dependable and best of all CHEAP!!

  4. chattymoon2012 Says:

    Hey Jackie Sue, glad to hear you can post and comment whenever you want to, and not just when the library says! I felt the same way when I got my computer here, even tho I was blogging next door at my daughters, there’s nothing like having your own computer where you can write what you want any time you want….hugz, Linda (have a good time burning up cyberspace 🙂 he he he he no body is sdafe anymore on the weekend now yuck yuck!!!!!

  5. Lisa Says:

    i’m glad you got your computer. no more trips to the library. (except for books, if you choose.)
    delivering it to the wrong place, morons. good thing your neighbors are honest.

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