This is one of the reasons why I love West… Christmas time…I would say that at least 90% or better decorate there houses, yards, trees and shrubs…but the very best part is the letters to Santa in the West, it is just wonderful…so I am going to reprint some that made the paper…this time of the year the paper not only publishes them..they are not edited or spell checked….they are straight from their little hearts….

Dear Santa,
What I want for Christmas is 12 pony books and pink pig and that little tv and that game when you hit the ball. Santa, please don’t make a mess like last year, Love, paige 2nd grade mrs. Pratka’s class

Dear Santa,
I want a gameboy, but most of all, I would also like for my little sister not to hit.I wrote a good note beacause you are good. From, Elizabeth 2nd grade Mrs. Pratka’s class.

Dear Santa,
Will you get me and everyone else something that they would enjoy? But I want something big. I want to be a policeman when I grow up. I hope you can help me with my gift. I want to help people like a cop. I hope my wish will come true.Love, Jeremiah 2nd grade Mrs. Pratka’s class.

Dear Santa,
I want a General Lee t-shirt and a hummer, like my friend Taylor. Could I also get a Advent wreath. Please keep your fingers crossed Santa.I will too . Love, Clay 2nd grade Mrs. Pratka’s class

Dear Santa,
Can I have flywheels, a thelescope and ford raceing 3.Could you also help my family be nice all day Christmas day. Love, Daniel 2nd grade Mrs. Pratka’s class.

Dear Santa,
For Christmas I want a bike.How are you doing? How is mrs. Claus? Am I on the good list or bad list? I hope I’m on the good list. When you come in, there is a surprise for you on the table.Love, Mikayla 2nd grade mrs. Pratka’s class.

Dear Santa,
Okay I love you and all but can I have a tramgoleing please? Relly I wish I could be a elf. But one more thang, what kind of cooies do you like? Who’s on the naughty list. If I am on thire I’m going to be mad! Do you want eggnog with your cooies? love, Dalton 2nd grade mrs. Pratka’s class

Dear Santa,
I love you.I like your sleigh. Please bring me a big, purple bicycle, a purple dolphin, a blue mop,a green flower that talks, a pictuer of when we were born, and lots of toys. thank you.Abby west, texas.

Dear Santa,
This year I want to ride in the sleigh. I want a trick bike and anything that will fit in the bags.Trey age 8 west, texas

Dear Santa,
I have tried to be a good girl. All I want for Christmas is The Polar Express on dvd. That’s all I want.Nothing other than that. Santa, are you magic? How do you get down my chimeny? Are the Santa’ s in the stories fake?Does rudolf the red-nosed reindeer always guid your sleigh?Are you warm in your sleigh? I love you. Please come to my house. I hope you have a good time. Love, Danielle

This year there were 8 pages of letters to Santa…some that really got to me were two letters from a brothe and sister who at the end of their letter asked Santa to take flowers to their brother Adam in heaven….some kids asked for stuff but them asked Santa to be sure and remember to take toys to the poor kids…some asked him to be sure and not to forget the kids who lost everything in the flood….kids..they break your heart…

The West VFW and Ladies Auxiliary donated $5,000 to various organizations in west..pretty cool…Two births, 4 birthdays, 6 deaths. Two ribbon cuttings for 2 new business in west. both stores are fancy smancy gift shops…just what we need..I want some one to open the dairy queen back up…I miss my ice cream cones…and my occasional ‘dude’……

First thing I did when I got all hooked up at home was to go back and read alll my post and see the pictuers that sooner had added. Wow….I cant get over how much work he did to add just the right picture to the right post….how he found some of those pictures I will never know…Sooner…my dear sweet boy… are so great for doing that…thanks sooooo much..will never be able to tell you how much it means to me….and the pictures of my beautiful daughter…thanks again…and also to barbara who would read my email and then post them on to the blog….you are the bestest…as the price of fuel is so high..i hope that Santa left you coal in your stockings…… thanks again to you both….



  1. Babs Says:

    Hold on, I’m listening to Lauren on Schree’s show right now at…

  2. Babs Says:

    okay, they are on commercial. Click the orange blogger button up in the far left corner… it will take you back to your dashboard.
    From there click change settings, then you will see some tabs, one says posting. Click that tab. Then you should see options for new and edit. Click the edit. then you will have a listing of posts. Delete the second one or you’ll lose my comments.
    to change the color of this post, then click edit on that post, highligh the text with your mouse like you are going to copy/paste something, then click that color button and chose the yellow…

  3. Babs Says:

    well, hell you just did it!

  4. Clance' McClannahan Says:

    I just emailed you RYC at the Church, at your yahoo acct….
    Merry Christmas Eve.

  5. MentalExcrements Says:

    Goddess help us all! You’ve got a computer!!!

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