I went over to the grandaughters for christmas eve dinner…I have to admit…kathy did a fantastic job….everything was perfect..really…and holy crap ..the amt of food…there was corn, green bean casserole, pea salad, asparagus,potato salad, braised carrots,sweetpotatoes,rolls, turkey,deviled eggs, and a relish plate that had mine and jennifers favorite..pickeled orka…nummy…pumpkin pie, chocolate cream pie, creamcheese pie, lemon meranque pie and something called well…I dont remember what it was called but was the most shocking pink color I have ever seen…had cherries, nuts, cream cheese, whipped cream and I don’t know what else…but funny enought it tasted pretty good..ambrosia? is that it? any how we had a great dinner..and just to make sure there was a little blip(just for you jenny)..I thanked the goddess right after one of the guest(friend of the step dad of the girls)…has said grace and blessed everyone from the present people to the people that lose their homes in the flood, tsunami and Iraq…soon as he fininshed thanking God(for the tsunami, flood and Iraq I said”thank you Goddess”..jenny was sitting next to me and just cracked up..said thank you grandma…I knew you wouldnt disappoint me….we giggled like little kids all thru dinner…After dinner we all were discussing movies and books as the two women and I are all big book readers and were oohing and ahhing about books we liked..then we went to the new King Kong movie…and everyone was talking about how sexy kong was..I said I thought king kong was a woman as I had seen enough of the trailers and didn’t see any thing to make me see why he was called KING..kong…I held my hand apart about 24 inches and said now that’s a KING kong…If you want to be called KING gotta have a KING dong…….the woman all agreed and we laughed…..and laughed…..and laughed….the guys just sat there staring at the ceiling and shaking their heads…hehee
The girls made me open their presents and they opened mine..I got socks which I needed, little wooden box(can put my ben wa balls in it), huge great mugs, french cookies to go with my assorted teas…which I loved.I am a big tea drinker and love fancy teas…made jenny and jamie’s boyfriends laugh when I made comments about the names of the was calm, said well no more downers for me now, one was called Wild Sweet Orange, African Red Bush..said they reminded me of the names of acid I took back in the 60’s…purple barrell and orange sunshine..jenny and jamie were “oh granma….don’t talk about stuff like that..and I laughed and said hey, grandma just didnt pop out of an oven at 62…I was young and raised a little hell…Daniel said “my grandma is nothing like you, and I wish she was”…think Jenny and Jamie would have swapped about then..Part of them wants to laugh and they do..but then the other part is “oh damn..that’s my grandmother”…..then one of the women at the table said she wished she had a grandma like me….I hear that alot but think some times I think J& J wished I was the blue haired old lady with the apron….tough shit…they are stuck with me…
Jenny and Jamie are going to their dad’s tomorrow for christmas…they will call and wish me a merry christmas and tell me what they got for christmas…I will be watching “football”….
mojo called me and they signed the lease on the apt…right before they signed the lease the lady said”of course you know this is a non smoking apt?”…(both smoke) …they looked her right in the eye and said “sure”…mojo said they had both talked about quiting…so now they will..which makes mom a happy camper…worry that she takes and uses birth control and they all suggest strongly that you not be a smoker…..she will call me tomorrow too..said if you call and the phone is busy I am on the she said she would email me to get off and answer the phone…
David and his daughters called and said they would be by tomorrow to give me my presents…feel bad..this is the first year that I didnt give them presents..not knowing what my gas bill will be need to save up for it…ick…
well think I am going to get off this sucker for awhile…feel like hammered shit…wearing my new house slippers and night shirt that says “yoga girl” on the pocket…cool….hope you all survived part one of christmas…
fuck me til i sing jingle bells


6 Responses to “CHRISTMAS WITH………..THE FAMILY”

  1. soonerfan78 Says:

    Sweet Dreams Jackiesue, love ya hon.

  2. apositivepessimist Says:

    merry christmas js. may the goddess look favourably upon all of us in the new year.

  3. lovelylady Says:

    Hey!! That story about the “insertable balls had me cracking up! How in the *ell (it’s Christmas LOL) did I miss that one! Girl, I’m glad I checked my old comments…LOL That would have been a treasure lost πŸ™‚
    Merry Christmas!! Have fun..I’m glad all went well with the family..Now you’ve got me starved!!! πŸ™‚

  4. Rocky (Racquel) Says:

    Jackiesue – why o why didn’t I meet peeps like you when I lived in west Texas??? (San Angelo) You have got to be the rockin’est gramma around!

    Merry Festichrismukkahvus!

  5. Babs Says:

    I love you Jackiesue!!! LOMAO!!!!

  6. chattymoon2012 Says:

    Fucking hell Jackiesue you sure do crack me up….you know, I figured out now that I am 50 I will be my loud obnoxious self and embrace all my faults and speak my mind when I want to. My mother tried to make me into a lady at one time, then she gave up saying, “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” and left me alone…

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