The game wasen’t the best I have ever seen, but it wasen’t the worse either. It was the last Monday Night Football game on ABC. To bad we can’t drag Don Merridith out of retirement from Santa Fe….he would liven it up…ahhhhhh I will miss it..
I think central Texas is on fire..there are grass fires all over…every neighboring county is having fires…everything is so dry that the smallest spark will start a brush fire..most cities are at least 10 inches below normal for rain fall.Maybe I should go out and do my little rain worked before.
Jenny made it back from San Antonio safe and sound…talked to her today and she said she had a good time and wasen’t forced to drive back by herself.
My little abode smells sooo good. Apple cinnamon…they are the triple scented candles and they are so strong..smells like a big ole cinnamon fart…just envelopes the house..
Maryjo called last night and we talked for several hours…she had a good time at Rolf’s dad and step mom’s house…They also got a new coffee maker and a new microwave for their apt.They can really use them..Think they are getting a new used couch too. Going to see what all I can ship up and send them.
The weather was beautiful today and supposed to be the same the rest of the week. in the 80’s…Texas…gotta love it..
Saw on tv news that forest gump is back at his compound till after the new year.Wonder if Cindy is still out there? Notice how its all in the news when she gets there and for the first few days..then nothing..and absolutly nothing when she leaves…I am going to try and change from aol to people.pc…so if you send any thing to the address and it comes back..just use my I get the new service in…I may go redneck and kick me some aol ass…fuck me till I block popups



  1. Babs Says:


  2. chattymoon2012 Says:

    I’ve seen TV ads for PeoplePC, is it the one that is $9.99/mo? AOL is expensive. My daughter has that, she should change. yeah, I think it’s awful about Monday Night Football, even tho I never followed it.NESN has swallowed up everything, leaving nothing for network TV. This is fine if you have cable but many people can’t afford it (we have it now but if heating and light bills keep going thru the roof,sacrifices will have to be made,lol)MNF has been around forever. One more indication that our good ole’days are never coming back…….thanks for your comment, those books sound like a good read

  3. Rocky (Racquel) Says:

    Seein’ as you’re such a fan of forest gump, js, you should check out the joke I just posted on Denise’s blog – something tells me you’ll like it…

  4. Sam Says:

    Is forest gump your name for bush? Great name for him. Thanks for the short but sweet comment on my blog.

  5. tazfan Says:

    I do NOT understand football. Either YOUR football, or the proper one you play with your FEET (as in FOOTball) that you call soccer ( hey, I’m J/K )
    Wish I understood SOMETHING!

  6. MentalExcrements Says:

    Cinnamon fart? LMAO

    Where do you come up with this stuff? đŸ˜‰

  7. texlahoma Says:

    Too bad Bush listened when someone said “Run Forest Run!”

  8. Scottish Toodler Says:

    AOL is evil.

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