Watching Willie sing that song tonight and really feeling the meaning behind the words made me think that we don’t have hero’s like cowboys any more..Where he was polite, tipped his hat to the ladies, fought fair and square, was for the underdog and against the the ones with power who used it against the weak. todays “heros” are over paid steroid pumped up athletes, publicity hungry hollywood elite and rap stars who denegrate women.What ever happened to the cowboys portrayed by John Wayne, Henry Fonda, Jimmy Stewart, Roy Rogers,Gene Autry and my own very favorite cowboy….Randolph Scott…I always had this thing for older men when I was a kid and watching them cowboy movies…You could have your John’s, Henry’s and Roy’s….give me that sweet talking slow walking gentleman from Virginia…Randy Scott..I actually sent off and got his autographed picture…I was 33 years old…he signed it “to jackie, love Randy Scott..”…I still have it…matter of fact I kept on nightstand by my bed and until she knew better, Maryjo thought it was a picture of her Daddy…
Tina Turner sang a song called “We don’t need another hero”….but we do…we need cowboy heros…riding into town, tall in the saddle, tipping his hat to the ladies and standing up for the little guy….yippy ki yea motherfucker….



  1. texlahoma Says:

    Thanks for not listing drug store cowboy Ronald Reagan. Gene Autry is a little town in Southern Oklahoma. I guess they named it after the cowboy. You should go to the Cowboy Hall of Fame in OKC if you’ve never been. (I think it might have a new name but that’s what most people call it.)

  2. Scottish Toodler Says:

    That song is from the movie THUNDERDOME, and it’s supposed to be about Mad Max.

  3. tazfan Says:

    I love cowboys. But I mean the ones who ride horses and herd cattle.

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