1.I promise to wear underwear under my nightshirt when I bend over to pick up the Dallas paper in the morning.This is the results from a cease and desist order from 3 of my neighbors..

4 Responses to “NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION #1”

  1. texlahoma Says:

    Don’t feel bad. Every spring during city beautifacation week,they make me leave town!

  2. chattymoon2012 Says:

    What…did you fart in their faces??? Tell them to cease and desist looking at your bare ass!!!! BTW have you seen how many different types of panties they have these days? I was looking thru my daughter’s Victoris’s Secret catalogue and they have more than 20 different styles. The less material they contain, the pricier they are,lol. Just my size size 10 granny briefs (white) suit me just fine, thank you, he he he

  3. Rocky (Racquel) Says:

    at least you’re wearing your nightshirt…I’m pretty sure that nosy lady across the street from me has long since gone blind watching me get my paper! hehe

  4. soonerfan78 Says:

    Hmmm, food for thought, heh, heh

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