I promise to be more tolerant and understanding of the Bush Administration and of the President himself…
oops, broke that one already.



  1. Sam Says:

    That’s a challenging revoloution, even for a republican. In response to your most recent comment. You don’t need a dark room for digital cameras, all the pictures are put onto your computer, via a USB port on the processor. Just make sure you buy a memory card as well for it, then you can take more photos. Well i don’t know if you intend to get a digital camera or a normal one. Thankyou for the comments also.

  2. texlahoma Says:

    Don’t make any promises you can’t keep, unless you’re going into politics. That seems to work pretty well there.

  3. Scottish Toodler Says:

    Check out the link I posted on MY EMAIL INBOX link. You will pee your pants laughing!!!!!

  4. apositivepessimist Says:

    ryc:…uhm thats actually what i used to say to him “where’s my coffee bitch”…lol…not the other way around 😉

  5. Blogdreamz Says:

    Ya right you will. Happy New Year.

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