Lots of excitement in west this week. The citizens are in an uproar…the Union Pacific blocked 2 of the main streets in West that connect one side to the next for 12 hours. Czech’s were pissed off. The Mayor wrote a letter to raise hell after trying to reach someone all that day. They basically ignored him..The Chief of Police ticketed them, but that is just the 7th time he has done so this year.The fine is $300 and is nothing to them. The school’s were all in an uproar as they had to reroute bus’s that were taking kids home. Parents were freaking out when their kids weren’t home when they were supposed to be.The city had to close one of the crossings because they wouldn’t spend the money to fix one of the tracks to Jupe Mills who uses the track and the off shoot..So that is another complete rerouting of a train to a local business because they are cheap bastards. They have been mad at us for 25 years when the town kids raided one of the cars that sat there over night and wasn’t supposed to..It was full of Schlitz tall boys..Every kid in West was drunk and hungover for 3 weeks or better. Mine included…Neither of the boys will drink Schlitz to this day. So I am anxiously waiting to see what happens…Bet the next time that fucking train blocks our two main streets some drunk Czech (or sober old broad) does something naughty to their train. I am thinking something along the line of a big graffiti sign that says “union pacific are a bunch of cocksuckers”…
The West VFW4819 sold its building to one of the West business’s so they can build a Sonic(mcdonalds, jackinthebox, tacobell whataburger???????)so they are looking for a new building and the vets and spouses are pissed cause now they have no place to play bingo…
We have had 4 deaths, 2 engagements, i birthday and one couple is celebrating their 60th anniversary. There is an absolutely beautiful victorian house for sale out in Tokio on 1 acre of land.$199,900. I have seen it for years and always wanted to buy it…wish I would win the that house.The front of the house is just beautiful with wrap around porch.
The paper is running a month by month recap of what happened in West this past year, would rehash it,but I do it weekly so think that is enough..
Think I will put on my Luke the Drifter tshirt and go hunt me up some bluebell ice cream. Need it to wash down the black eyed peas…see you next year… jac


4 Responses to “DECEMBER 31,2005 IN WEST, BY GOD, TEXAS”

  1. lovelylady Says:

    Hey! Baby’s mom was born in a town called “Welch”..have you heard of it? Baby took me out to west texas before. Girl, I was sleeping with one eye open! LOL!!

  2. Rocky (Racquel) Says:

    I’m picturing JS in her t-shirt eating ice creaming and drinking a Schlitz tall boy. God bless America and God bless Texas!! hehe


  3. Babs Says:

    Nasty damn black eyed peas.

    Yeah Bluebell ice cream!!!!

    Funny about the railroad and the town history with it….

  4. Scottish Toodler Says:

    I am sending you wishes for that house!!! Let us know what happens with the train. WHAT is bluebell ice cream please? I drink Dublin Dr Pepper but do not know this other (Texas) lingo. Is this code for a bj???

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