They tallied up all the votes and the city of Houston was elected the Texan of the Year..I wasen’t the only one that voted for Kinky Friedman…Even Parcells got votes. But the city of Houston got it for all the things they did for the people of New Orleans. They took in an estimated 150,000 people…I am proud of most of the state for what they did for our neighbors.Some of my fellow Texan’s showed their true colors…white sheets…wouldn’t let a bus full of people looking for a home in their town..That was up in east Texas where it isn’t even 1957..it is 1857…makes me ashamed…But the rest of the state are still helping and doing what they can ..I read in the paper all the time about families still being helped. Wonder who will come to the aid of all those people that lost their homes in the fires? One farmer had just bought $20,000 of hay for his livestock and the fire not only took that, it took his home, barn, equiptment, etc. Wonder who will help him?
Dear Goddess…can you send us some rain?.We need it …and need it soon…thank you very much..jackie



  1. lovelylady Says:

    I pray that you all get rain soon..White sheets? I wonder what the thread count is on one of those things. Do they know how stupid they look in them? LOL

  2. lovelylady Says:

    Gotta say that I’m proud of my brother in law and his wife. They helped out a lot. Still do! Good Texas folk..

  3. Clance' McClannahan Says:


  4. Sam Says:

    I used my powers to send some rain, unfortunately it went to the wrong place.

  5. Jack the Blogger Says:

    Soon as I’m finished typing this, I’m gonna do a little raindance for ya!

    (Is Kinky still running for Governor down there? That’d be great!)

  6. Babs Says:

    At first glance, I thought Houston? The city we call the un-washed crotch of Texas?

    But it is true, Houston did a wonderful thing opening itself up to Katrina victims.

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