So much to say……………about so much…
First of all I wish that Vince Young would stay at Texas for another year, but that said..I hope the cowboys get him…and not Houston..They already have a quarterback..not that we don’t..we have an old quarterback…we need fresh blood…there was a great letter to the editor from a sooner fan(not ours)who said:”I should have known that any time a bunch of Sooners are rooting for Texas, and a Who’s Who lineup of Hollywood stars and musicians is cheering for a guy named Bush, something magical was bound to happen.”
yup…we win…

another note from Hollywood….”As an avid watcher of the Oscars, I can’t help but be a little disappointed with the choice.””Daily Show” with Jon Stewart, on being named host of this year’s Academy Awards telecast…..

If you all don’t know I am telling you now..I am not much of a car person…not have been interested in cars since about 1959, with the exception of my blue cj-5 Jeep..But in todays Dallas paper was a picture of a truck that really got to me…It is the Ford F250 Super Chief..with a front end like a locomotive… is killer…swinging, cool, far out and tottaly with it…I wonder how much the gas mileage is..?but it is so purty…
I think I will save my forest gump rant till I get better organized..But what really got to me was the article on the wages of Dallas area football coaches…Almost half at high scohhols make twice the average teacher salary.
For proof that football is the undisputed king of Texas high school sports, you need to look no further than what area school districts are paying head coaches.Their average salary is $82,179.16, and nearly half are paid at least twice what an average teacher makes.The highest paid are the coach from Ennis who makes $106,044, where the average teachers pay is $42.766.There is a list of coaches and their pay compared to the teachers..but it is so disgusting that I can’t type it and not gag…..Here we have everyone from the parents to good hair Perry takling about making childrens education a priority and then there is this…fucking unbelievable…I know football is the king in texas, but I would rather see our students grade level go up and than the coaches pay check.what I find interesting in that 14 of the 20 highest-paid coaches did not make the playhoffs this season….so talk about not getting the bang for your buck….
fuck me till I flunk



  1. Babs Says:

    Fucking crazy!!! But we are raised on football in this state.
    I mean, I love football, but stupid to pay some fucking high school football coach that much money when some schools in Dallas don’t even have enough paper to last students through the school year and the teachers get paid shit.

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