I went over to Jamie’s today to start on the house cleaning and thougth I will take the dogs for a walk as they have been cooped in house for several hours…………………….
..wrong……..fucking ….thing …to….
Put china on the leash and let Kilo run as he is bigger and I thought would be harder to control…well, they were romping and running and tripped me up and fell on my ass and back right in the middle of this field…..laying on my back and both of them are standing over me licking and nuzzling me..thinking I had invented a new game..stupid dogs…so I put them back in the house..went home called Kathy and said I quit…ha….I have to admit as I was laying out in the middle of this field looking up at the blue texas sky..that If I knew I was going to spend so much time on my back I would be a lot nice to the men in West…I did laugh…out loud..and that really set the dogs off..they just knew this was some new game…’comeon grandma..get up and fall down again’…stupid dogs..
after pissing and moaning around the house I went to the library and checked out the new koontz book.forever odd..she had it and didnt have it cataloged yet..said snap to it…I want that book…also a new stephen king hard crime series murder mystery..
then I went to grocery store and got the fixings to make chili…pissed because i can’t find good chili powder..with no added spices…just plain ole chili with nothing added…powder…and also pissed because I couln’t find a tall boy lone star for it had to use budwiser..damn…when did I get to be so picky?
fuck me till I wear frilly dresses..


6 Responses to “KILLER PITS….”

  1. Chameleon22 Says:

    OUCH!!! That couldn’t have done your back any good. . . Hope you are OK.

    Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger (Texas reference intended) about being picky where cooking is concerned. Certain things I make must have EXACTLY the right ingredients or I have a small cow about. . . Yes, I’m obsessive too. . .

    “Fuck me `till I wear frilly dresses”? LOL!!! LOVE IT!!!

    Hope ya get from rain soon. . . It’s just starting up again here. . . We are fucking waterlogged!!!!

    gurgle. . .spit. . . gasp!!!!

  2. Chameleon22 Says:

    SHIT!!!. . . Note to self. . . Read what ya wrote BEFORE hitting PUBLISH. . .LOL!!

  3. Nit Wit Says:

    Your lucky some do-gooder didn’t come along and think the dogs were attacking you. I bet your back liked the trip. 🙂

  4. tazfan Says:

    You just discovered the “I got the best game in the world for dogs” game!! Mine try that ALL the time!!
    Give those dogs a cuddle from me!! I cant do it, I’m still laughing.
    You wern’t hurt were you? Hope not.

  5. Babs Says:

    No frilly dresses!!!!

    Bet those dogs loved that game!
    Try the spices from Mexican companies or the spices aimed towards Hispanics… they are usually cheaper and better.

  6. Scottish Toodler Says:

    Beer in chili…. hmmm… I love pitts!!!!

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