Before eveyone goes thinking I am super Grandma running over and cleaning the ex-daughter-in-laws’s house for free…She is paying me..get to do my laundry over there (which saves me money)and she pays me for cleaning..and do it at my own pace..Normally her refer(frig) isn’t that bad, but she had a house keeper and then didn’t and she works full time and just hasen’t had time to clean..and all the stuff that had to be tossed was from the holidays…
The weather has gotten cooler…it is in the mid 40’s now..haven’t turned the heat on yet as house is still warm from today…my little house holds the heat when it is cold and the cool when it is hot..during the summer time the old pecan tree shades the house and yard…which reminds me..was on computer this morning and watching rocky sunning his fat belly in the yard..and looked up and a squirrel was coming down the tree..he was on other side and didn’t see rocky…who definetly saw him…and I swear..I have never seen anything move as fast as old rocky did…he flew thru the air about 5 feet off the ground and missed that squirrel by a (as we say in Texas..) a pussy hair…I think the squirrel almost died of a heart attack…it was squealing and squawking and chattering as it ran back up the tree…rocky was soooooo pissed…wish you could have seen him come bouncing across the yard to the porch…all puffed up and proud of his ownself…I bet that squirrel went home and was going on for hours about his narrow escape from death..pretty funny..
well…I am going to finish my book and start on a new one…checked out 1776 and can’t wait to get to it..I love American history books…
nighty night ya’ll….may the goddess bless you…..jackie


7 Responses to “NO GOOD SAMARITAN ..I..”

  1. lovelylady Says:

    Hey girlfriend!!! I swear I love your moxy! I know that’s right! Doing the cleaning for free just wouldn’t cut it..I mean, family is sacred and all, but, damn right? LOL
    RYC: Yeah, flavor flav is the guy who’s obsessed with knowing “what time it is”…Cracks me up! All these chicks are starting to give up big drama over him. Too funny!!

  2. BriteYellowGun Says:

    You just made me realize that squirrels are very rare in North Carolina. I don’t think I have ever seen one here. They must not like sand or Loblolly and Longleaf pine trees since that’s all we have.

  3. Sam Says:

    Yet another dead squirrel…

  4. Scottish Toodler Says:

    That makes more sense but you are still a rocking grandma!!!! The dog knows the word squirrel and goes nuts if you say it. How funny!!!

  5. Nit Wit Says:

    Hey I don’t even clean my own house for free.
    Around here a lot of people are complaning because the grey squirrels are going away as the ugly black squirrls. Boy, I could use a few cats around here to get rid of them.:)

  6. Nit Wit Says:

    Ugly black squirrls move in.
    Something ate part of my comment.:)

  7. Babs Says:

    My cats dream of catching squirrels… and you are right, those squirrels will turn around and bitch out a cat. They bitch mine out for being on the balcony sometimes. Funny critters.

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