I am really enjoying Forever Odd..I like the way he steers you thru the story…I recommend it highly….
Dallas morning news has some good stuff today…like I said I love the litle articles stashed away between ads…like this one:
Geneva…LSD is an unlikely subject for a 100th birthday party. Yet the Swiss chemist who discovered the mind-altering drug and was its first human guinea pig is celebrating his centenary today-in good health and with plans to attend an international seminar on the hallucinogenic.”I had wonderful visions,” Albert Hofmann said, recalling his first accidental consuption of the drug. Mr. Hofmann, who also had bad experiences with the drug, continues to insist it should be legaized for medical treatment, particarly in psychitric research. The drug earned a bad reputation amid fatalities associated with hallucinations and reports of “flashbacks”-the recurrence of hallucinations..

well, let me tell you..back in the late 60’s I took a lot of acid..(can’t you tell??)well, maybe not a lot..but more trips that I can remember…Some of them were really great and some were pretty weird…but never had any that scared me so bad I didn’t want to take it again.But then I was never too bright when it came to drugs..took it and mescaline which WAS scarry. I saw things that really freaked me out taking mescaline…Think that should be kept on the reservations where they know how to take it and handle it..My favorite memory of taking acid naturally is a funny one…I was with a friend and he was babysitting me while I took some orange sunshine…and I was having a great happy time…to pass the time he was putting stamps in a stamp book(remember green stamps)..and I was going to be a good girl and help him…well,they came in sheets and sometimes they were no more than 2 or three in a group…so I am taking the green stamps one at a time and licking them to put on the page(he is doing sheets at a time and had like 10 pages or better already done) and Iam slowly licking each little stamp and very carefully placing in each litle square..very carefully….nice and stamp….admire work…lick…apply stamp..admire work…after about 2 hours I had finally succeeded in completing one page..both sides…it was a fucking masterpeice( I saw it the next day straight and they were done absolutely perfectly)..and like I was handing him the keys to the Throne…I passed him the page…..waiting for drum roll, applause, confetti, etc……and he grabbed it tossed it in the pile and said “thanks”…I waited and waited for the “oh my god, this is perfect”, speech and none came…I burst into tears and jumped off his balcony into the swimming pool…where…I discovered …”bubbles”…and forgot all about the stamps..took him forever to get my drowning ass out of the pool..was just so beautiful down there..with the lights and the bubbles and the ….flash backs? what flashbacks…???
fuck me till I trip again..


5 Responses to “FOREVER ODD……….AND MORE NEWS”

  1. Zoe Says:

    I loved this story it was entertaining and a little scary. I am also a child of the 60’s and I hated when you went to a party and they put LSD in the wine and didn’t tell you. That part sucked.

  2. leo myshkin Says:

    i remember riding bicycles on lsd and just watching the wheels go around and around and around and around….

  3. Brilliantmadness Says:

    Ohh Hell! I am LMAO!!!! Reminded me of the time I re-constructed a lobsters shell- Magnificent perfection!!! 🙂

  4. BriteYellowGun Says:

    Hilarious! If it helps any, I’m sure it was really a beautiful page of stamps.

  5. Scottish Toodler Says:

    No FUCK ME TIL I TRIP AGAIN!!! I agree mescaline is scary. A bad trip on mescaline was what scared me off of psychedelics. THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES and the funny story!!!! Do you know the one… My first husband was a photographer he just looked at it, my second was a ???? he just… at it??? and my third husband was a stamp collector… god I miss that licking bastard!!! Or something like that…

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