I am so pissed Im left handed…I have email accounts for each one of my many personalities…I have 2 yahoo accounts and did have 2 aol accounts but I told aol to go fuck themselves and kept the aim free email account..They have struck back..maybe not intentionally but they have struck back none the less. I can get emails, but can’t reply to them or forward them or compose emails ..or at least 99%of the time i can’t…I have received about 17 emails today(mostly from Sooner who has discovered the forward button on his email and it works)and can’t reply to say howdy, kiss my ass or what’s up?…..can’t forward those great emails from Sooner to my friends..can’t reply to the great email that Sooner sent me that made me cry..can’t email my sweet nephew that as happy as I am to hear from him, I don’t plan on sitting around at the computer waiting 28 minutes for an email download about great fishing pictures..Can’t tell my yankee girlfriend Lane that I am glad she is enjoying her new boxing classes and remind me not to fuck with her about anything..I can’t receive the comments from my blogsite and wouldn’t know about that except clance’ emailed me and told me..but since I can’t reply to it she doesn’t know that I received it…I have tried to get in touch with aol/aim tech support but it’s like belonging to a secret club and I don’t have the password…googled aol/support and got some off the wall joke aol tech site and before I had figured out that it was bogus I had lost it and had told them in this order”go fuck yourself”…and “fuck you, you ignorant assholes.” then I realized that the aol logo was a little off and it keep repeating “so what do you want me to do about it”….now I know why there is a 7-day waiting before you can buy a gun in Texas…
Well, at least Im not bored any more…
fuck me till I ding and say “you’ve got mail”..


6 Responses to “AOL IS THE ANTI-CHRIST”

  1. Babs Says:

    I think you need some chocolate!

  2. Babs Says:

    Can you not reply to those people using your yahoo account? Do you need me to change your address in blogger again?

  3. Babs Says:

    And of course you would not be forwarding my email address along on those emails, right?? 🙂

  4. tazfan Says:

    Chocolate. CHOCOLATE!!! YEp. Should be prescribed by doctors as the number one mediication for women!!

  5. tazfan Says:

    And I HATE AOL!!!

  6. mentalexcrements Says:


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