Today is Friday the 13th..my lucky day…I have always felt like Friday the 13th’s are my special day…I feel safe, secure and free from bad shit..and there is damn near a full moon so that is a good thing too..
I was going to post about what was in the West Newspaper, but to tell you the truth, not a fucking thing happened or is going to happen…So we canceled the rest of the week..fuckit..
I am…………………..fucking bored……………………
I know I should do something…but I don’t want to..Jamie I guess is happy with the fence and doesn’t think it needs any more work…(horay) as I haven’t heard from her today. I know she had to go to school till 4pm today and goes to work at 6pm so maybe felt there wasen’t enough time to get into anything..Plus her boyfriend Zac is comiing home from jail tomorrow..He was in for probation violation. Didn’t pay his child support for his son…(Don’t get me started)..Jennifer called and needs to do her health classes (for food handling in resturants) on line and her dad’s computer is still croaked..so wanted to know if she could come over and use mine..said no problem…she said it takes four hours…said sooo…come on over..she is going to switch from mccc university to tstc(community college) as she wants to take dental hygenists assistance classes..??? or something… will take her 1 1/2 years…figure she will change her mind by then..or maybe I would change my mind if I was her by then..
Rocky has not come home..told you he was pissed..but there is also a female cat in heat and he is probably out banging her box…had put cat food out on the porch last night and there were 3 different cats eating out of it …I have turned into the CATLADY, and that is enough to make me start drinking again.nah…
I finished reading Forever Odd last night..was a little disappointed in it…I just loved Odd Thomas so much and knew it was going to be hard to do a part2 and make it as good..I liked it, but just don’t think it was what I was waiting for when I knew he was going to make a part2…reading The Colorado Kid by Stephen King and is is so far a waste of good trees…small book..only in paper back and about 188 pages or so..just boring so far..that may be the cause of my boredom..nothing good to read…will take me about an hour to finish this book and then going to finish 1776..a little history to clean my brain of those bad books…well..going to go read now…I miss sooner….hope he is catching up on his family and friends, some good music, good reading and maybe even a good piece of ass…..
fuck me till I speed read..



  1. tazfan Says:

    I already speed read. I must have been well and truly……… Oh, forget it. I cant remember the last time I got any!

    I CAN get Dr Pepper over here, but not Blue Bell Ice cream. I can get Walls, and Lyons, and they are real nice.

  2. Ann Says:

    I’ve noticed that Stephen King is a big-time hit or miss kind of writer. Either the book is REALLY good, or else it really just sucks balls.

  3. Babs Says:

    Good for you for feeding those stray cats. You need to be a crazy cat lady like me! 🙂

    Bored in West, TX…. nah… couldn’t be… go read some more blogs or something.

  4. Nit Wit Says:

    I have a funny memory, I couldn’t remember anything about Odd Thomas When I was reading Forever Odd. Maybe because I had only read it once even though I owned a copy of it. I have to agree with you though after rereading the first book it is a lot better.
    Stephen King used to be one of the writers I would buy his books the minute they hit the store. The last 8 or 9 years though he has writen som stuff that I just can’t get into. Other stuff is good. He has a new book coming out the 24th called Cell.

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