I was happy, sitting at home noshing on my popcorn, drinking my tea, sneaking a peice of cheese every now and then…I was content…not out of sync with the universe…but then…..I checked in on howtogoinsane and see what babs was up to…she mentioned chocolate..I commented on chocolate…I thought about the chocolate..I could actually smell chocolate…but I couldn’t taste chocolate and that was the problem..So now here I sit…it’s 1:28am and the only thing open is the Czech Stop…where eveyone goes to get their shit after the local grocery stores close at 7pm…Which means if I want chocolate and the Goddess knows I want chocolate now…I have to get dressed…(can leave my slippers on) and get in truck and drive..10 blocks to the Czech Stop…get out…go inside and try to not look like some crazed fat lady out on a choclate run..which is what I am….I would feel less guilty if I was buying beer..A fat lady in West buying beer is less conspicuious than a fat lady buying chocolate….Maybe I could buy something else besides chocolate and dr.pepper…like maybe..a magazine…fuck …I don’t want a damn magazine…I want chocolate..butterfinger maybe..or hersheys bar, zero’s..I love zero’s…I know, a mallow bar…It’s cold outside..I would have to wear a coat..maybe with the coat I won’t look so much like a fat woman after chocolate as a bulky lady after chocolate..the more I sit here and think about chocolate the more chocolate I will get when I go in the store…I will go in there… fearlessly…..grab 2, no 3 bottles of dr.pepper and 3, no 4..fuckit…5 bars of chocolate candy..look the little cashier right in the eye and say “no I don’t need a sack..I’ll eat them right here”….
fuck me till I get chocolate



  1. Babs Says:

    LOL!!! I’m so powerful with my chocolate suggestions!!! Hey- you were the one that mentioned the damn Blue Bell Ice Cream last week and then I had to buy some!
    It was your turn….

  2. tazfan Says:

    Auto-suggestion. Powerful thing. Now I need something and dont know what!

  3. Nit Wit Says:

    Now I want Chocolate too, and I am not supposed to have it as my blood sugar will hit the roof. LOL. first it was Babs talking about ice cream and now this. I need a giant Three Muskateers bar. However it’s spelled. 🙂

  4. Scottish Toodler Says:

    Okay BE-ACH– I have to log off and go buy a damn Zero bar!! (I really should read these in order!!!)

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