I say it is Barbara’s fault for talking about the chocolate and forcing me to make a 1am run to Czech Stop for candy and she say’s it is my fault ’cause I got her craving ice cream with my talk about Blue Bell Ice Cream…It’s just a vicious circle…of ice cream, chocolate and dr.pepper..After I got home last night I snarfed down the chick-o-stick right off the bat and washed it down with the dr.pepper…then I slowly ate the Rocky Road candy bar..don’t know if Rocky Road candy bar is a all over the country candy bar or a southern candy comes in a red wrapper(oh, there is still some chocolate left on the wrapper in my garbage can by the computer, which is only full of paper so it won’t kill me to take it out and lick the chocolate off it…will it….??? nah.)and is milk chocolate coated marshmallow with cashews…very soft and chewy…pulls apart..and was cheap at the price of .79cents..
chick sticks ( I always called them chicken legs) are crunchy peanut butter and toasted coconut in a long round stick shape…79cents also…the zero bar and the other dr.pepper I am saving for early morning..yeah, right…I will eat it sometime during the football game..hey, it’s 2:30pm I could have it for lunch..I haven’t eaten anything all a zero bar for lunch won’t hurt….and I can wash it down with the dr.pepper..speaking of many of you used to (or still may) take a small bag of redskin peanuts and put them in your coca cola drink…? I put them in dr.pepper during the summer time..but it really taste better if you put in with a coke …I can remember as a kid going to the store and they would ask you what kind of coke you wanted or what sodiepop do you want Jackiesue.?”..damn I just became 8 years old…and we called cokes…cokecola’s..and why is it that you can only eat moon pies(the chocolate ones, not banana ones, ick) with rc cola’s…? Ok, so I just ate the last candy bar and drank the last dr.pepper..ahhhh nectar of the gods…
fuckme till I drink nehi’s..


11 Responses to “PLACING BLAME-ME OR BABS”

  1. Babs Says:

    That’s right I forced you to go buy it!!! That’s whay you get for the Blue Bell ice cream plug last week!

  2. Babs Says:

    No, there was rain on TV in Seattle….at least I think that’s what it looks like

  3. chattymoon2012 Says:

    he he everyone is eating junk food here lately, me too I can’t leave the sweet alone and I am growing out of everything I own (except big t-shirts and bigger sweatpants,lol. Rocky Road icecream is great but they don’t sell the candybars up this way…gene(The Old Man) puts peanuts in his Pepsi, he comes from North Carolina. My favourite icecream was mint-chocolate chip but I love real simple icecream now, plain ole’coffee (But it’s ALL good)

  4. Nit Wit Says:

    I’m gonna go into insulan shock if I keep reading the Ice cream and chocolate posts.

  5. apositivepessimist Says:

    fuckit…it’s both yer faults. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Rocky (Racquel) Says:

    Oh you’re cruel! I’m havin’ a fantasy now of a chicken stick in one hand and a zero bar in the other and the only thing in that my bod can tolerate right now is Tylenol and Gatorade! Mean mean Babs and Jackiesue! *wink*

  7. Lauren Says:

    OH GREAT!!!!! Now I want cookies. . . . DAMN!!!

  8. Ann Says:

    Hmm…maybe I need to go make me some chocolate-frosted cupcakes.

  9. tazfan Says:

    Wish I could taste all the things you guys have over there. Some of them sound awesome. We have some great stuff too, but I want to try yours!!!

  10. Reg Says:

    I know some people from Texas that drink Dr. Pepper hot with lemon. Sounds gross I know, but it’s actually pretty good. It’s kinda like a tea, sort of. But it’s not bad.

  11. Scottish Toodler Says:

    I am dying for a Zero bar now!!!!

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