Ok……………I lied…I didn’t even open up my book..I watched the second half of 24….I watched it last night too…I am a schmuck…I also switched back and forth and watched the Golden Globes just to see what the women were wearing…and to see if George Clooney would act like a 9 year old…and he did..showed him sticking a shot glass up his nose..I swear to the Goddess.One of those long ones..and just looked so pleased with himself when he saw the camera got it…goofy kid…I loved some of the thankyou speaches…especially Geena Davis who made some little comment about how a little girl tugged on her skirt and said because of you I want to be president now…and then after everyone ooohed and aaahed, she said that really didn’t happen…but it could have ..I could have been out in some field in kansas and there could be some little girl tugging at my was pretty damn funny…Im just disappointed that no one else came up and said some little girl tugged on my skirt…now THAT would have been funny…
Im watching Letterman..who is in major distress as his colts got their ass kicked by the Steelers…bet they fire that kicker…ok, NOW…. I am going to go read my book….see ya’ll t’morrow


2 Responses to “IM A BIG FAT LIAR”

  1. Lisa Says:

    gosh, i like that George Clooney. i could watch him all day…..sigh….

  2. Babs Says:

    I never watch those things. I like Geena Davis she’s a talented woman and helped make Brad Pitt famous! 🙂 Sounds like a good speech for her.
    Yah, that Colts kicker had no friends after the game. Jerome screwed up on the Steeler side and his team supported him. The Colts kicker screwed up and he was on an island by himself. Of course, he cost them the chance at the Superbowl… I’d hate to be him right now.

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