I received a phone call at almost 8am and it was Jennifer, she has to take her TABC test on line and was going to do it this weekend but her great grandmother on her mother’s side of family died and between the viewing and the funeral, she could only do it this bless her heart she is on the computer for 4 hours and then the test just froze up…not the computer..the test..she and I tried everything to get it to work and it just wouldn’t upload the rest of the now she has to do it all over again…Then Mojo called and her boyfiends mom is in the hospital and her health is not good at all..But the good news is she went to shelter and got a kitty…he is 8months old and is mostly white with splashes of black.He was brought to the shelter at 2lbs..and had ringworm so bad they had him in quarantine for months..he has been there all this time getting well enough to be adopted..he actually adopted mojo…she was looking at all of the cats and saw him and went out of the room and he went to the glass and was butting his head on the glass at her..she said “he wants me”..and that was it..his name is Bailey..they are in love…I love the voice she uses when she talks to him..all high and squeaky…considering she and I sound exactly alike (we both have very deep voices..kind of monatoneal) when she gets all sounds really weird…
we had rain…enough to wet the ground, make the air smell good and then bam, its gone..we could get some more but I really don’t think so…Wish you all were here..made a big ole batch of red beans, rice and sausage…ayeahhhhhh…going to make corn bread tonight..
I am sooooo excited ..Henrietta gave me the new book by James Patterson..Mary Mary….so far so will be gone for awhile till book is done..small book, so should be done by tomorrow…also picked up Bill Maher’s new book NEW RULES for $5 at library book sale…want to make it a pass around book..I will mail it to someone and they must pass the book on…but want to reread it again…so funny….ok..I am out of here…come over for some rice and red beans….jac


4 Responses to “THE LATEST HAP’S…”

  1. Lauren Says:

    DAMN!!! Red beans and rice with sausage??? I settled for grilled chicken and a salad. . .

    I have some leftover pork roast and I know I have a couple of hamhocks in the freezer. . . I may have to whip up a batch of my Cajun red beans and rice later this week. . .

    Now see what you’ve done??? LOL!!

  2. BriteYellowGun Says:

    I’m on my way! Then we’ve got ass to kick!

  3. Scottish Toodler Says:

    I oould love some red beans and rice!!!

  4. Babs Says:

    You had rain? It never made it to Dallas dammit.
    Ahhhh…another kitty adopted!!! Yeah!! My Peaches had ringworm when she was brought into the shelter too and was in quarantine for months with daily baths. Poor thing ran everytime I turned on the water for about a month. She got over it. She’s now a happy girl and I don’t think she remembers a damn thing about her past.
    Yes, I liked the Gun Monkeys book. Lots of action and shady characters! hehehehe

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