That has nothing to do with this post..I just always wanted to say it..I wanted to remind eveyone that if you are awed and amazed by the great pictures that go with my post, the cudo’s go to soonerboy..He reads them and then hunts down the perfect picture for it..and yes that is really my little Czech stop that I made the cocolate run to the other night.He found the pictures on the westfest.com web site..all the pictures he puts with my west, texas posts are from west…during westfest the parking lot at czech stop is full to the brim.Each gas pump each space in front and along the sides and in the back..being czech is a big deal in this little town and they celebrate it pretty big..It actually draws less people than it used to.For many years sat and sun combined would bring over 50,000 people to west for the fest..it was just unbelievable…there would be 5-6 grayhound buses to take people from the city hall to the rodeo grounds(where westfest is held)..now we have one..it isnt that it isnt as great as it was..cause it has actually gotten better.more tents, more beer, more food and more crafts for the crafts fair part of the fest..It is that there are so many other things that have come along.Other towns have their festivals, or city activities that keep peple either at home or draw them some place else.Plus people don’t drink as much, eat as much and gas is high..there is always the thought too, that well, if we miss it this year, there is always next year.I have been back here over 12 years and have been 2 times since I got back..been there done that..Even when I drank and raised hell I would go to the fest maybe one day just to see the people I hadn’t seen since the year before..Then I would go to the Capital bar…which is an old gas station that they tore the pumps down and made into a bar..The front held 3 bar sized pool tables, a domino table with 4 chairs and a gas stove, that was just fucking huge, for heat during the winter time..then the bar which was shapped like an L but laying on its side..little kitchen storage area with walk in coolers for beer. a dance floor the size of a postage stamp, a booth in the back for the dj.(before that we had bands and you couldn’t hear for a week when we had one.)in the far right hand corner was a big round table where me and my other drunk friends would conspire with each other to get in trouble..one wall was all mirrors..that was scarry….There was one restroom for women and one for men.There was a back exit and me and my friends would go out there to pee by this huge bush that filled the corner of the building..(when it was busy and couldnt get into bathroom.)we had a roll of toilet paper hanging from the bush.But it really wasent used all that often as we all knew each other so well, the girls would use the mens if the womens were full and vise versa.I had my regular place at the bar that during big bashes they would hang a sign from the back that said “saved for the old broad)..even when I was in my 40’s I refered to myself as the old broad..I was very good at playing pool and would play just good enough to win until someone would want to play for money and then I got much better..When I had my 8-ball tattoed on my left (the small one) titty I used to bet guys that I could make the 8-ball on the bust…(breaking the rack) and when I would break and the 8-ball wouldn’t go in I would pull down my shirt and say “see, bust…8-ball on the bust)I was drunk one night and said I could make the 8-ball on the break and couldn’t figure out why the guy didn’t want to pay up when I showed him my ‘bust’…ahhhh yes, the good old days.
fuck me till I eat sausage


10 Responses to “HOISTED ON MY OWN PETARD”

  1. MW Says:

    I love your profile, Yellowdog Granny.

  2. Nit Wit Says:

    We have a yearly celebration called Hoppy Days for Hop Along Cassidy who was born and grew up here. The first couple of years were OK but now all it is, is an excuse for vendors to sell over priced Hop Along collectables. They don’t even have rides and they quit the parade. The car shows draw more people. Of course they can’t sell beer at anything we have here. Just inside the bars.
    I’m a little out of kilter right now. Reality took a weird turn on me when I found out Larry The Cable Guy wrote a book.
    Now that with all the stuff the Gump keep doing makes me think I might be in the twilight zone. 🙂

  3. Babs Says:

    Sooner’s wrapped around your little pinky finger. Keep posting more Tabu posts…. LOL

    I can’t believe you offered to do my laundry! What a wonderful person you are. I think I’m going to be ok. Hoping to stay awake and make it to the grocery store after rush hour traffic this morning.

  4. BriteYellowGun Says:

    I’m afraid of most of the “locals” around here so we steer clear of most of the festivals. Your bar story gave me an idea for a blog.

  5. Ann Says:

    When I lived in Texas, the area I was in was proud of it’s German heritage. I remember all the festivals they held. The food was always interesting…like alligator/crocodile on a stick.

  6. chattymoon2012 Says:

    Around here on the Labour Day weekend the Portuguese Club would host a festival. We called it the “Lala” (never did find out why) but it was basically held behind the club house and just like you guys said, everyone went just because. I went a time or two in the 20 or so years I have lived in this town but is crowded as hell and ir consists of food (very good traditional Portuguese food and regular festival junk) and the usual games. When it got later there were always fights, well liquor+ guys+ a crowd to egg them on always = fights…Sunday night they always ended with some damn big fireworks that you could hear for miles and see from any high spot…Boom, Boom, Boom *chuckle* Hey that bar sounds like a classic. Gives me an idea. I asked at That Other Place, maybe I sould ask everyone here, if and what kind of tatoos they have… come see and tell everybody what it’s like to live behind the 8-ball…

  7. chattymoon2012 Says:

    BTW like your title. Even if it didn’t match the post. Who gives a shit

  8. Babs Says:

    Thanks for your comments Jackiesue!! I love ya’ darling!
    Yep, this weather is fucked up all right. At least you got some fucking rain.

  9. Lisa Says:

    gee, today i’m finding out who all has tatoos. i feel really left out.

  10. Scottish Toodler Says:

    Fuck me til I eat a Czech sausage. Great bar story and I am adding coming to this Czech festival to my things to do during my lifetime list.

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