Where do I start…hmmmm. First of all on the way home there was water falling out of the sky and I am sure that is a sign of them 4 guys on horseback coming…THE SKY IS FALLING.THE SKY IS FALLING…
Ok, enough messing around…I left here all a twitter…Jackiesue was going to the big city of Waco to see the Kingster…First off there was 8kabillion peple there..some big deal country stars picking and a grinning..so I had to park in bumfuck,Texas which is right out side of Amarillo and walk to the heart of texas joint.So had to drag out my hand carved made in mexico cane and waddle my fat ass 70-11 miles to get there(after I had to cough up $2.25 to park my truck..which really pissed me off..so already my all a twitter feeling is turning to shit..and I can feel the old red neck Jackiesue creep out..so finally get to the little window and Im thinking these fuckers don’t want to ask me for money to get in …and lucky for me,them and all concerned they just pointed me to where they thought he was….so I start walking..and I walk…and I walk…now walking isn’t something I do well after 4 back operations so I was really starting to reach the ‘somebody is going to pay for this shit gage on my bullshit meter’…finally some one looked at me and I must have looked like I didn’t belong in a country and western ho’down..and said”he’s in here”…just like that..walk into a a room the size of my yard and maybe 12 people are in there…and of course..decked out in black hat, black duster, black shirt and pants and trusty cigar is “the kingster”..and I listened to him…and finally I said..”exactly what are you going to do if you make it in, because before I waste my democratic vote that I have used every year since I first voted, for you.I want to know how your going to do it.”and I got a song and dance..lots of this is what we can do and this is what we are going to do, but really not how he was going to do it..But you know..we can’t even sign the petition to get him on the ballot till March…we have to not vote in the primary and then get him on the ballot and then he can start making promises he will probably have to break…He said he would make Willie Nelson head of the energy commision..which really makes some sense as Willie is knee deep in corn oil…bio fuel…rather….I was sort of diapointed that he didn’t get into the how’s of what he was going to do…but he’s so damn cute I may forgive him that…ha…Also said that good hair Perry had fubared (fucked up beyond all reason) Texas and it was the rallying cry of Texan’s to say “thank God for Mississippi”, but now it was Mississippi saying “thank god for Texas” as we are now in the bottom of the states in just about every fucking thing..health care,wages,jobs,etc.He is saying leave no teacher behind, and I said “Yes, especially when high school coaches make $100,000 a year and teachers make only $44,000 a year, and made him laugh when I said “and of those to 20 coaches, 14 of them didn’t make the playoffs.”..he was starting to pull up stakes about then to go on stage so I weaseled in and got his autograph and when I said my name was Jackie he said I bet you spell it weird…(smart man) and said yes it’s Jacque…betcha guys didn’t know that…says for Jacque..love the gov…kinky friedman…what a guy…Mary and Roland Duty of the world famous Papa Rollo’s Pizza parlor were the hosts and had 2 huge pizza’s shaped like texas and a bunch of smaller ones stuffed in the shape of texas…so when every one left I helped roland clean up .once a waitress always a waitress…someone came back in and said after he played he was going to the booth were they were selling kinky shit…(I bought a kinky button)and went to the booth to see what kind of trouble I could get into…they had a bunch of flyers that had 5 reasons to vote for Kinky for Governor…so I handed out flyers …telling people “save you’re self for Kinky”…I told Kinky’s manager I think people thought Kinky was going to fuck them…he rolled his eye brows and said something to the fact that maybe he would..(like I wanted to fucky Kinky…) hell,doesn’t that yankee know the yellowdog don’t fuck?…ha..But I was having so much fun…handing out the flyers..told them I thought I had found my niche…handing out flyers and saying “save yourself for Kinky:…damn…that was fun…when I said that the yankee guy looked at me kind of strange and I said “I don’t get out much”…he was putting the fake moves on some bleached out blond and when she walked off I said”you are so full of shit..”…and he took out his phone and checked the time and said ..”my first compliment and it’s not even 9o’clock yet”..he’s pretty funny…but being cute and having a bunch of witty comebacks isn’t going to unfuck up my state…so I am stll for KInky but hope he comes up with something better ..cause it don’t matter if your heart is in the right place if your head is up your ass..
fuck me till Im kinky ….



  1. Nit Wit Says:

    I thought you were Kinky. But I’m not from Texas. 🙂

  2. Babs Says:

    Sounds like you had a good time Jackiesue. Glad you went. Hope your back is okay.

  3. Scottish Toodler Says:

    WOO HOO!!! You go girl!!!!!!!

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