It has been so long since we had rain, I had forgotten what it was..wonderful wonderful rain…and something else I had forgotten that goes with rain in the town of West……fucked up telephone lines…when it rains in West several things happen:the electricity goes out and the phone lines fuck up…as the wiring in town hasn’t been redone since….well, ever..I had forgotten that when it rains, I always have trouble with my telephone line..that is why my computer kept screwing up last night…the line kept going in and out and I kept losing power to the my mea culpa’s to who ever was on watch last night at blogspot…it wasn’t your fault..I sorry……When I got up this afternoon(didn’t go to sleep till 7am…damn cramps)..I tried to get on line and no dial tone..had to jiggle wires, cuss, hold my mouth just right and turn the heat on which dried up the wires…what a mess…oh well, you gots to suffer to sing the blues…
In the mean time…it’s raining…lovely wet rain…love the sound of the cars driving on the wet streets, and the sound of the rain dripping on my porch…Rocky on the other hand is sorely pissed about the rain…he won’t use a liter box, will go out side only…watching him pee in the rain is pretty funny…he scrunches up his face and his eyes almost disappear…then bam he’s back on the porch…and why is it the only time he want’s to get in my lap is when he is soaking wet.?’lil fucker..
Want to thank everyone for their kindness on my post about my leg cramps…sorry to say they are still cramping..but I have been working on the noises I make when they get real bad…”oh.oh..ohhhohhhoshit..fuck..oh..oh…sonofabitch..
kind of funny after awhile..
fuckme till I hobble


2 Responses to “NOW I REMEMBER ….IT’S RAIN……”

  1. Babs Says:

    Pretty, pretty rain….
    Hey, I tagged you for another one of those stupid survey things…. hahahaha

  2. Babs Says:

    Hope your leg cramps get better. Keep resting your back.

    That rain was nice!!! Poor Rocky. My male cat is mad at me because I cleaned his ears. He won’t do it himself. So the vet told me how to do it. I always worried that I would poke a hole in his ear drum or something, but the vet says that a cats ear drum is actually a lot farther in and down and sticking a Q-tip with rubbing alcohol in there would not harm him. Makes him extremely pissed off. But he’s got clean ears now.

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