I am sure that eveyone has what is commonly called a “Shit List”.Sometimes my “Shit List” resembles my will.Which is why I have two forms of keeping tabs on who is on which list.I have pen and pencil. The pen is for people who once they get on either the “Shit List” or the will are there to stay.The pencil is for people who get on the “Shit List” and in my will but by either bad deed or good get erased. Up until now Rocky has been in the will….but after his stunt this afternoon he went from will……..to “Shit List”….and the story goes like this:Rocky left last night about 3am or so for his nightly grab ass with the female that is in heat and to take a dump. He usually is gone about 2 hours.He didn’t come home till this afternoon at about 5pm..I opened up the door, held the screen open for him and said”come on in rock, your dinner is waiting.”…where upon…Rocky stretched……yawned…licked his balls and stolled off the porch and out of the yard.Who the fuck does that little fucker think he is? It’s hard enough to go through life and have to put up with shit from people on a day to day basis..but damn’d if I will take it from a stupid cat.So he is now residing at number one on my “Shit List”…Someone who is in the will and is in pen.?Dom…he is the one that when he read my list of 3 favorite songs down loaded Harlem Nocturne by the Viscounts and sent it to me…I have not heard that song in over 40 years and now I get to listen to it every day and every night…when ever and how many times I want to…So, Dom is in the will….in pen. Damn I love that song…..thanks again, Dom…


5 Responses to “JACKIESUE’S SHIT LIST”

  1. Rena Says:

    This is the most entertaining blog I’ve seen in quite a while. I’m the one from the Kinky event…hi, again. I want to invite you to protest Bush with us in Waco next Tuesday. You can bring a lawn chair and sit if you want. Don’t want you to suffer, even for a good cause like this. Bring your friends and enemies alike, as long as they are anti Bush. See http://hotimc.org/newswire.php?story_id=19

  2. mentalexcrements Says:

    See? Men ARE JUST LIKE dogs!

  3. Nit Wit Says:

    I resemble that remark Denise

  4. BriteYellowGun Says:

    I prefer the more P-C name that Greg Brady used to use, his “Crumb List”.

  5. Babs Says:

    Sounds like he found some food elsewhere! Yep, they are stubborn little critters.

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