Ahhhh, sunshine…I love that sunshine…weatherman says we will have sun for a few days and then maybe another day or two of rain..We need the rain more than the sunshine and I love love them thunderstorms.Although Babs got the thunderstorms this time, we just got soaker rain…starting to worry about Rocky, he hasn’t been home since he pranced off with his tail in the air. Which means he was out in all the rain, but even then he would normally come home for chow.So someone is either feeding him or he is still humping the ole mama cat that is the neighborhood chippy.The other reason is the one I don’t want to think about….come on home Rocky, I promise to warm the canned milk for you.
There was an article in Dallas am news about how the Chinese-americans feel shorted cause their Lunar New Year is not a national holiday. That the Italian-Americans have Columbus Day, the Irish-Americans have St. Patrick’s Day and African-Americans have Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and the Chinese don’t have any day. The Lunar New Year is celebrated by more than a billion Asians around the world and for the 12 million Asian-Americans in the U.S. they feel slighted. San Francisco already closes its school for Lunar New Year. I can see her point, but only Martin Luther KIng Jr. and Columbus Day St. are federal holidays. Columbus Day is really to celebrate the discovery of America not just for Italians, although they have taken it as there day. By the way…today is Lunar New Year…happy new year ya’ll….Plus there are more Irish in America than Asians, and they would throw a shit fit if Lunar New Year became a federal holiday and St. Patrick’s day didn’t. So maybe we should have both as a federal holiday..and then because the American Indians who have been royally fucked by the invaders, should get them ownselves a holiday..we should have Crazy Horse Day.The Mexican-Americans have Cinco de Mayo Day, so we need to give Porta Ricans a day, and Dominicans a day,and all them Canadians that flock to Hollywood, we can give them a day, and how about them Czech’s, and Germans, and Poles, and Swedes, and Iraqui’s, and Saudi’s, and the French,(nah fuck the French), the Spanish, the Australians, the Russians, the Serbians, fuck…lets just let every race of people that live in the United States have their own fucking Holiday and then no one will ever fucking work here again…every fucking day will be a holiday…then because individuals will be slighted because we don’t have Irish, Scots day…and German,Polish day….and damn, lets not forget handicapped people, we can have a handicap day, a depression day, a polio day, a fucking I have monthly cramps, give me a gun before I shoot some one day……..
Ok, I feel much better now…..
fuckme till I have a jackiesue day


2 Responses to “TEXAS GOLD………………..SUNSHINE…………”

  1. Nit Wit Says:

    Funny they want their own days but I think that should mean they all have to work on all the other holidays that are someone else’s special day.
    I on the other hand would get to take almost all the days because I am a mongrel from all over the world.

    I’m not Irish American, Afracan American, German Amreican, Asian American, or any other flavor. I’m just an American American as anyone who is a citizen is.

  2. Babs Says:

    Let’s just make every day a holiday.

    Come home Rocky….

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