I have a pot of my bestest chili simmering on the stove in my huge cast iron pot..the smell is absolutely fantastic…it is …………….to die for…and if you can’t handle hot food, it could kill you..
this is as close to the recipe as I can get…
2 lbs. of beef..can use chili meat, ground beef, or chopped beef..your preference…I like nemecek’s chili meat…just enough gristle to make it tasty..
1 1/2 -2 onions minced very fine(these ingredients are to your taste so they will vary)
6 cloves of garlic( more or less)
salt, pepper, cumino, ancho chili pepper, chili powder.
1 can of tomato paste (101/2 oz.)
1 24 oz can beer your choice( I prefer Lone Star)
first thing i do is simmer onions and garlic (I put garlic in last) as don’t want it to burn.
then I take it out of iron skillet and add meat..simmer till gray..but before it cooks I add salt pepper, (to taste) and then I add 2 tablespoon of cumino, ancho chili pepper, chili powder each) to the meat…then I cook it…when almost completely done(little pink showing) I add the onions and garlic to it….mix well, then add the tomato paste…mix well and then add 3-6 tables spoons each of the powder and pepper…(depending on your taste) and about 1 1/2 tablespoons of cumino powder…mix and let cook for about 3-4 minutes…then add all of the beer…stir well..turn down heat to as low as you can and cook for at least 2-4 hours…you can add beans if you like…it’s frowned upon in most chili cooks circles but I say fuckem… I like beans in it..I make my own pinto beans…and add…after the first hour or so you can taste and add more of the spice if you want more heat…if you don’t cook it long enough you will have the powdery taste of the chili’s and not good …
i started cooking my chili about 9pm or so and it is still simmering…I had one bowl about 2 hours in and was good..but needs to simmer more..think I will add more heat….didn’t make my forehead break out into a sweat…..
Earlier I took some Nemecek’s hot chubby’s and simmered them in beer soaked with roasted jalopena juice and they were kick ass…so I am all ready for the “as super as it can get without the Cowboys playing bowl…”…Man, I feel sorry for anyone that can’t have any of my Chili…….



  1. yellowdog granny Says:

    ohhhhhhhhhh man…i cannot even begin to tell you about the action going on in my stomach and the affer burner effect in my ass…if we could bottle this “eau de chili fart”..we could drop it on the mts. of afghanastand and drive ole osma out in a ny city second, crying for mercy….ahh, the chili is a success…

  2. Babs Says:

    Babs would probably enjoy your chili. Then she could send exploding farts in Madden’s direction.

  3. apositivepessimist Says:

    i will have to print this out for the LFB he likes his hot stuff…if he isn’t sweating a litre of sweat it just aint hot enough.

    yeah thanks js now that i can get around i find it was an overall glitch…weird but i didn’t notice any warning about maintenance like i did last week.

  4. texlahoma Says:

    I like it hot, JS. It’s makin’ me hungry!

  5. Lauren Says:

    Good greif!!! I got heartburn just reading the recipe. . . I like spicy, but that ingredients list could burn down a small forest. . . Better not let the Texas DNR know you made that stuff. . . They’ll build a fire break around your house LOL!!!

    *wanders off looking for a bottle of Beano*

  6. chattymoon2012 Says:

    I can smell your asshole burnin’ all the way up here, he he he. I like beans in my chili too but can’t take much of the hot stuff anymore, mild to medium is all I can stand these days…Pinto beans I like, The Old Man you remember id from NC and pinto beans, cornbread and boiled potatoes is a meal I had to learn to like but I like it fine now…. The way this country is going, beans’n’taters is all we will be able to afford. Dubya will be eating steak and all we will get is beans,lol…hugz, Linda

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