That was a pretty fine football game……I was so glad to see it actually be a game and not a blowout…Seattle Seahawks have nothing to be ashamed of..they played a hell of a game…the Pittsburg Steelers were just not to be denied…I love the Rooney family…the old man who is supposed to have won a bunch of money in a poker game and bought the team with the winnings..He was never seen without that huge ole cigar in his mouth…He and his wife lived in the same house they raised their kids in, even when the neighborbood became run down and was mostly black..they never left, they could have moved to a fancy smancy house in a ritzy neighborhood, but never did…That was his home and that was were he was going to live..congradulations to the real Steeler fans…Your team done good….Ole Man Rooney is in football heaven blowing smoke rings with his illegal cuban cigar.
I jotted down some impressions about the game and commericials….First of all I am so happy to see they didn’t have to call 911 for Keith Richards as there is always the possiblity of him croaking…damn he looks like hammered shit…but then he never was a date to the prom. Number 43 of Pittsburg was all over the field…he should have been made most mvp just for the fact that he was in on almost every defensive play…
The commercials …well, there were no “thanks mean joe”….commercials..But I did like the one of the sheep that was sheared and was a streaker during the budweiser commercial…that was pretty funny…but the “brown and bubbly” commercial for diet pepsi, just made me think of what is going on with my chili infested ass, so nix that fucker..I liked Mr. Spock and the aleve commercial, I really did love the Dove commercial about the little girls….that was soo cool.I liked the bud commercial in the stadium where they did the bud on one side the glass on the other and they filled it up with cards held by the crowd…that was pretty smart…..but all in all….for once …the game was better than the commercials…..
I made an end run to the grocery store to fill out my menu for the game…Ended up with the chili(yes still eating my chili…diluted it down with more beer and let it cook down more)but still hot…
cheese/roi-tel dip with fritos( should never be eaten with anything but fritos..really)
smoked oysters
oysters with tobasco sauce
nemecek’s hot chubby’s simmered in beer and jalopena sauce
dr.pepper, lots of dr.pepper…
and blue bell icecream….
judas priest … wonder my ass is on fire………………..
wow….it just don’t get much better than this…
although next year at this time when the cowboys win their 6th superbowl…they won’t say one for the thumb as we already have that….they will be saying one for the dick….jerry jones will make up a superbowl ring big enough to fit around everyone’s dick….of course his will be a size petite…


8 Responses to “ONE FOR THE THUMB”

  1. Babs Says:

    Rotel dip is great with torilla chips! It’s when you add chili to Velveeta that you use fritos. Jeez woman… gonna have to teach you about this… LOL I think I od’ed on Rotel dip, but it was worth it. And I added just the right amout of extra diced jalapenos to give it a good kick.
    I agree the game was better than the commercials! Glad it was a close game or I would have fallen asleep long before the 4th quarter. You and I both posted about the streaker sheep!!

  2. Beansidhe Says:

    Y’see it’s probably cos I’ve got a filthy filthy mind, but “hot chubbys” just sound kinda rude to me. Rude, dirty and kind of exciting too *sporfle*

    I could never live in America. The double entendres and my sick perverted mind would ensure I was in jail or therapy the whole time 🙂

  3. PJ Says:

    LOL on Keith Richards, so true. I didin’t watch the game, not a football fan, but I did catch the Rolling Stones. I laughed at Jagger prancing around the stage like a fairy. Sorry, he just looked so ridiculous. I suppose if they are going to keep this up they better get old Keith a rocking chair.

  4. lovelylady Says:

    LOL I fell asleep girlfriend. At least I know I get the good stuff from you. 😉

  5. leo myshkin Says:

    too bad paul allen didn’t get hit in the balls by an errant pass.

  6. BriteYellowGun Says:

    During our spirited Dominos game, one of the women said “Are we going to stop to watch the Stones?” My response was simply, “I don’t care for Senior Citizen music”.

  7. mrshife Says:

    I liked the monkeys and the jackasses on’s commercial. And that is cool about Mr. Rooney.

  8. Scottish Toodler Says:

    I did not understand any of the references in this post unless they were about food, and some of those I didn’t get either!!! What are chubbies? Little weiners??? What is Roitel dip??

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