Tada….it’s here….our new Czech Inn…and it really does have some great features.The rooms are bigger than your average motel rooms. Has 70 rooms,(which will be filled up in a snap for Westfest.)4 meeting rooms, a kitchen area, a workshop facility, an out door swimming pool,a 24 hour open gift shop,fitness facility, dry sauna and a facility available with computers and internet connections for guest use.Computers can be used by up to 15-20 users at a time.Surprise surprise…it is a completely non-smoking facility, but does have designated smoking areas outside…All the rooms come equipped with microwave ovens, irons, ironing boards, refrigerators, coffee makers and hair dryers. They have pictures of the rooms and they are really large…I am really proud of our little Czech Inn..
The McClennan County Junior Livestock Show was almost swept by Henrietta’s grandkids, 7 of them won ribbons and most were for first place. Talked to her today and she was just beaming with pride..
Only had one birth this week, but 5 birthdays, 3 deaths including my friend Chris. I wish I could say I went to the memorial, but couldn’t do it…just too depressing. Will wait a few day and go by and see her folks and send her daughter and son who live in Waco a card..
Both the girls and boys basketball teams are still in the playoffs..They are doing really well this year.
Too bad all you meat eaters don’t live here ….we have the best little meat Market..The Nemecek’s Meat Market and the prices are pretty good too. Can eat it and not worry about mad cow as the meat is grown on their own land right here in West. When I had Nate I would go there and buy him a beef heart and it would almost always be warm…That’s pretty fresh..Any how, we also have the most perfect bacon in the world…It is usally about $1.99lb. and it is the best bacon I have ever eaten.
We still have some of the least expensive homes for sale..Land with homes, lands with out…with tanks, without tanks..and cheaper than most parts of the state and the country. No thanks to the dick head running it…
So another week in West, Texas…and another selling point to move and live here….Me…



  1. Nit Wit Says:

    We used to have a meat place like that here, but the old couple who ran it closed down when they retired. their kids didn’t want to have anything to do with it.
    Now there is a great place for all your Blogger friends to stay in West until they buy a house.
    I worry about West though, it seems like for every birth there are 3 deaths.
    I suppose that’s true of a lot of small towns. 🙂

  2. yellowdog granny Says:


  3. Lauren Says:

    Hell. . . Having you for a neighbor would be WAY too much fun. . . At the rate things are going, I might end up being a housekeeping wench at the Czech Inn. . . LOL!! NO. . . I don’t do windows!!!


  4. Babs Says:

    Don’t worry, I’ll be down there soon when my lease is up in another year or so…

  5. Ann Says:

    The inn sounds awesome. I like Texas, but I’m really enjoying Arizona. So far, my favorites are Maine (I never thought I’d say that), California, Arizona, Texas, South Carolina, Montana, in that order.

  6. Nit Wit Says:

    That thing on my blog is the governments Boss Energy Hog.
    I needed something that would squeal. So I stole it from and did a little edit on it.

  7. BriteYellowGun Says:

    Land and homes here are insanely cheap as well but it’s only because there’s no reason for anyone to want to be here. Now if you go 15 miles up the road to Pinehurst, you’ll be paying NYC real estate prices but it’s a very desirable area.

  8. leo myshkin Says:

    i didn’t get to where i am today by trusting the czechs. how many people can fit in the microwaves?

  9. Beansidhe Says:

    You buy a house in Texas and they throw in a free tank? Wow – how cool is that? Is it a Sherman tank? I could realise my dream of buying a place and then blasting the hell out of the neighbours if they come within five feet of the place.

    This idea could catch on 😉

  10. Scottish Toodler Says:

    I AM DEFINITELY COMING TO VISIT THIS PLACE!!! You are a great seller!!!

  11. tazfan Says:

    I have GOT to come visit you!! I love bacon, but its pretty expensive for reasonable bacon here. And I want a REALLY REALLY good steak!! Looks like I could maybe get one there?

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