Ahhhhh jeez…the city owns a pretty good sized building on the main street of west, it used to be a sewing factory where they made….hell I don’t know what they made…stuff…any how the business closed down years and years ago(thank you China)and it stayed empty for many more years. Then they came up with the brilliant idea of Trade Days, which is like a giant garage sale indoors…It did pretty good, and I enjoyed going in and shopping for books,and other crap I didn’t need.Well, now the city thinks they have a buyer and are having all the people that have booths to move it out before the new owner takes over…except now no one has heard from the ‘new owner’…the city says they are sure it is just a matter of time..but in the mean time…no Trade Days for this month or till they find another place to hold it..Don’t think there is another place with that kind of space to hold it…soooo Trade Days are in limbo…
The West Library is holding their annual meeting this Feb.13th…think I will go and see what’s going on…that should put a crimp in Henrietta’s attitude…huh huh….
Ohh ohhh..good news.. The Bold Springs Baptist Church(black church) is going to make hamburgers starting Feb. 13th…oh, man…..they make the best hamburgers in the world…really..just your basic hamburger…but it is all perfect..right amount of meat, correct size bun, and just the right amount of lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions..and of course mustard….and they are piping hot….oh man..I can’t wait…I’m making myself hungry…damn..what is today…the 9th…4 days to go…It starts at 11am….I will be there at 10:59am….
My old buddy David Pareya is running for reelection for Justice of the Peace. He was elected 26 years ago and has I think ran uncontested every year..this year there is a runner…and his signs are all over the city…I will vote for David.this is the Justice of the Peace who owns the Furniture Store and the best Liquor Store in town..and for years his was the only one in town too, now we have another one…and it’s bigger and carries more stuff..or so I hear…Haven’t been to it as I don’t have much call to visit either one of them.

Kiwanis Club is having their annual Chili and Stew fund raiser…can’t even think of chili without farting…
Both basketball teams are still in the running for district…
We only had one birth, 3 anniversaries, one marriage(will look for birth annoucement in about a year..) and 3 deaths….we’re losing ground here…
I’m sure there will be some pissed off grandparents after this but I have to speak up, it’s in my job discription…(pissing people off)..but really the names the grandkids call their grandparents just fucking amazes me…when I became a grandparent the first thing I said was…”I am grandma…or granny, not meemee or maamaa, or moo moo or any of those off the wall fucking names..”…and so I remain…well, in the paper today my friend Peewee, ( I am not, I swear, making any of this up) has a grandson, Cooper and today is Cooper’s birthday..in the paper Cooper has a little picture of him(cute kid) and a message from DAD, MOM, JACOB(BROTHER), AUNT HILARY, G.G.,PAWPAW, AND MOMO AND POPO…Kill me now…if someone called me MOMO…I would kick their ass…Now my great grandkids(if and when) could probably get away with calling me G.G. for great grandma…but even that is pushing it…Have you people no pride…???? I will be expecting feed back on this one..
This has absolutely nothing to do with West…but if I see Tanya Harding on tv one more time I will hit HER in the shins with a pipe..
If you’re looking for land…you can buy 17 acres, west of West,3-bedrooms, fireplace,screened porch for $115,000…That’s a pretty good deal…
The weather has been nice so the garage sales have been popping up, and there are 2 for this weekend…haahaa..going to be cold and rainy…Someone is selling fresh eggs, and someone else has free puppies…and no I don’t want one…
That’s the news from West….wish you could be here to taste the great hamburgers and wash it down with some Dublin Dr.Pepper….



  1. Ann Says:

    I called my Grandmothers Nana (my sister’s fault- she’s the one who named her), and Mimi (totally mine). I think I got away with Mimi because I was the youngest grandchild by far- no more were coming. Not to mention, as I grew older, I was the only one to really “get” my grandmother.

  2. JamDaddy Says:

    We had a great place like that when I was in NJ. They closed it to build condos then went belly up. Now it just sits vacant. Well it does provide a great place for a lunch break if you like to smoke crack.

  3. Scottish Toodler Says:

    I wish i could come there!! Your reports are like from a character in Fannie Flagg’s books!! YOU ARE A CHARACTER!!!!!!

  4. Nit Wit Says:

    Gee, I’ve been corrected by someone who loves the way our government runs.
    You say there are two liquor stores in West? I wonder how much I could drink before my liver shut down again.
    It’s always Grandpa for me and usually in an exasperated tone.
    I wonder what subject I could post that would really piss people off?

  5. mentalexcrements Says:

    Smoking crack on your lunch break? From the comments I’ve read from you JamMORON…it sounds like you have first hand knowledge of this. Tell me, how did you ever learn how to smoke crack when your head is so far up your ass?

  6. Beansidhe Says:

    17 acres for $115,000???? That’s amazing!! Do they throw in a tank for that or just an armoured car? 🙂

    Totally agree on the ‘momo’ crap. That’s just wrong. Another pet hate along the same lines of mine is married couples (with kids) who call each other “mommy” and daddy”

  7. lilly Says:

    We have this thing called the bazarre, its the same concept I guess. I love going there and walking around and looking at all the useless crap!

    My nieces and nephews call my mom nana, I think that one is pretty common but they call their other grandma mawmo, I dont know… Its stupid if you ask me.

  8. Sam Says:

    17 acres! That’s a good deal. I like the sound of them trade days, you can get some pretty good deals on things like that. Do you have local charity shop? You should have a look there for books, i have got enough to start a small library! All paperbacks are only £1 each.

  9. BriteYellowGun Says:

    How odd that the church makes hamburgers? Must be regional. I miss back in Cleveland, on Fridays the church ladies all got together and made and sold Pierogis. Scrumptious! Nothing beats a homemade pierogi. Down here, the churches sell stuff on Fridays that I believe were retrieved from the bowels of Hell. I wouldn’t put it in my mouth if my life depended on it!

  10. PJ Says:

    I always loved the flea markets and trade swaps etc. when I visited in the southern states. Love them. We don’t have much of that here.

    Grandma here has to go. I got my Bond troops and were are eradicating unwanted posters today.

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