I was sitting in front of tv watching the Olympics when Mojo called all excited..she was in China Town in San Francisco watching the Chinese New Year’s Parade. I could hear bands in the back ground, children laughing and Rolf whispering sweet nothings in her ear…Sounded like a lot of fun…We talked for awhile and then she let me go back to my Olympics and she continued to watch the parade…but she would call me every few minutes and when I would say “hello”…she would say “listen”…and I would get to hear, what sounded like to me….drive by shootings…which were military bands, all Chinese Military Bands, and those same kidsl yelling and screaming..I told her…just take pictures and I will have ole Soonerboy put them on the blog…so I am expecting lots of good pictures of the parade..When I was in San Francisco for those 7 months, I worked about 12 hours a day 7 days a week until I said I just couldn’t do it any longer and they allowed me to have Sunday off(so I could watch the cowboys play)..that was the year the Cowboys won the super bowl and Jimmy Johnson said when they were going to play the 49ers, they were going to kick their ass in the playoffs..and they did…in the mean time I’m running around San Fran with my Dallas Cowboy’s t’shirts, my Tom Landry memorial Tshirt and my little Texas flag…oh, yes, had a tshirt that said “If you are very good, when you die, you might go to Texas..”….and after the playoff when we did kick their ass, my son David sent me a tshirt that showed one of the Cowboys tackling a 49er and almost taking his head off…so to say I wasn’t exactly the most welcome visitor in the city is to say Bush is unpopular. People would hear me talk and say “where are you from?” and I would of course say, “West, by God, Texas and wish I was there right now”..and the fight would be on…which is why I loved going to China town for gifts for the kids, and grandkids. At least i knew if they were rude to me, it was because I was a round eye, and not because I was from Texas. I missed so many things about Texas while I was there. People being polite just because they were raised that way. People that made eye contact and smiled at you..and the amount of homeless on the streets with severe illness’s was really scary. One street guy had a dog that looked so much like my dog Bill, who had died in Texas while I was away just broke my heart..So every day I would bring the guy some change and a can of Alpo..when he said he didn’t have a can opener… I bought him one.I made everyone bring their scraps from their lunch and dinner back to me and I would take it to the dog..He probably ate better than most of the homeless people in the city. When I finally got to come home it was like a race from hell..It all started when we first got to Calif. ..we were in Long Beach first…2 weeks there, and that was when they had the Laguna Beach fires…which chased us all the way to Burbank, Calif. and was there for 4 weeks, we went to San Francisco and 2 days later they had the earth quake that about did in LA. and destoyed the Burbank store. When we finally left San Fran. I was going to go down highway 1 so Mojo could see how beautiful it was..but it had been raining for about 4 days and I decided to go the other way because of the mud slides…you got it..the road we would have taken was covered with mud slides…and as we were going across the country to get to Texas, we were being followed by a snow storm..and 10 minutes after we pulled into David’s drive way the storm caught up with us…it was really weird….but the best part was when we crossed over the state line from New Mexico to Texas…the first person we saw was a cowboy driving a truck and he tipped his hat at us…I burst into tears, pulled into the first convience store and bought a Dr.Pepper….I was home…Which is why I am settled in here in my little cozy town of wacko Czech’s…Yes sir, rebob, buddy boy and I do mean Howdy….I am home……
fuckme till I strike oil(awl)



  1. lostinthetriangle Says:

    Over the years we have had a large enough Chinese population to celebrate Chinese new year in Bermuda every once in a while. I allways loved watching the Dragon dancing in the streets.
    Very rare site over here in Triangle land, very rare indeed.

  2. leo myshkin Says:

    ruby loves chinese new year. she gets lots to eat. i’d like it a lot better if it only lasted one day.

  3. PJ Says:

    It sounds as tho California was not your cup of tea. Too many disasters there. My gf was out there during the big quake and as soon as she could she came back to Illinois. She said she would never go back to California and she never did. She said she would take a tornado anyday over the earthquake.

  4. chattymoon2012 Says:

    I’m scared of earthquakes and tornado’s and now I am scared to death of hurricanes since Katrina and I like it just dandy where I am now, been in this state over half of my life now. We have a Chinese resutrant on every street just about (have you ever noticed how none of them ever seem to go out of business?) but the funny thing is I never see any Chinese poeple anywhere around, much less a parade. Jacki you provided me my first laugh of the day and I thank you because The Old Man has to have his biopsy today and I am worried sick about it…..light a candle for him please and bend the Goddess’s ear please because She listens to you especially..hugz Linda (ps sure would like to find a place where they sell Bluebell icecream to regular people like me)

  5. Babs Says:

    Ain’t Texas grand? When I had to go to Newark, NJ for job training for a week it was amusing the way people were there. Or maybe how I was to them. I normally smile people I pass on the street or even say “hi” or “mornin”, up there, they look at you like you are fucking nuts. I thanked the bus driver that drove us from the hotel to the office and he couldn’t believe it! Say 90% never say thank you. Shit, it’s common courtesy to me.
    I may curse, but I damn well say, please and thank you and am polite to strangers if they aren’t pissing me off. It’s the Texas way.

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