Just about the time I am convienced that most Texan’s are beer swilling, Cowboy loving(not the Brokeback Mt. kinda cowboy , the foot ball Cowboy)truck driving, red necked Jesus loving, Bible thumping assholes….they surprise me..and in a most wonderful way.
In the Letter’s to the Editor section were two letters than brought hope leaping into my heart….please endulge me with reapeating them here verbatim(hopefully the people that wrote them won’t mind)
Lobbing reform? How about congressional reform? To legitimately change the Washington culture, try these 10 changes:
(1) Expand and limit House terms to three four-year periods;
(2)require prior elective experience at the local or state level as a qualification for election to the House;
(3)limit senators to three six-year terms and require prior experience in the U. S. House;
(4)impose a five-year limit before a departing congressman or staffer may accept a job with a registered lobbyist;
(5)strictly enfore time limits on roll-call votes.
(6)Have equal party representation in House-Senate conference committees;
(7)prohibit alterations to bills once they leave conference;
(8)prohibit anonymous earmarks tacked onto legislation;
(9)conduct the business of the people in the open, never earlier than 8a.m. nor later than 10p.m., before television cameras;
(10)publicly fund campaigns for House and Senate seats based on an average per capita cost by state or district….Jeff Horton, Grand Prairie,Texas

and my very favorite…

The only thing that offends me is people who are offended. After all, the very act of being offended finds its motivation in the notion that one is so right that any other view must be offensively wrong.
I’m offended by Muslims who are offended by cartoons. I’m offended by those who are offended by those who are offended by the Rebel flag because they can’t let anyone dispute their revised version of history.
I’m offended by people who are offended by gay marriage when odds are, they can’t even make their own marriage work. I’m offended by those who are offended by me because I’m not offended by what they are offended at.
Embassy fires would go out, nations would get along, races would fade to neutral and wars would not start if it weren’t for people being so arrogant, self-absorbed, self-righteous and foolishly self-assured as to be offended by someone else’s religion, politics or sexual preferences.
Let me be the first to growl the one word that all offended parties should hear:”Enough!”….Chris Webb….Burleson, Texas

and even if he’s not from Texas I would like to reprint this from Senator Patrick Leahy, Democrat of Vermont, to the U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on the seperation of powers during the domestic spying hearing.

“Under our constitution…….WE MAKE THE LAWS..If you believe you need new laws, then come and tell us. If Congress agrees, we’ll amend the law.If you do not even attempt to persuade Congress to amend the law, then your’re required to follow the law as written.”

maybe there is hope for us yet…….


3 Responses to “NOT ALL TEXANS ARE IDIOTS….”

  1. Nit Wit Says:

    I don’t agree with point 2. and the portion of point 3. that requires prior experience.
    I think that would just encourage political machines just like the current so called rules. I do think there should be term limits though, for all elective office.
    Except Dogcatcher. I wouldn’t wish most politicos on a dog.

  2. yellowdog granny Says:

    yea…i had second thoughs about prior experience…but if not in congress than for people that run brown not having any experience but getting the fema job….

  3. chattymoon2012 Says:

    The way I feel, if people would only respect other people, other countries etc. maybe things would be better. Live and let live, I say. I don’t believe in running over people with my ways of thinking because it just pisses those people off and it makes them run over me in retaliation. This goes for people, or states, or countries…short speech, off my soap box now,lol

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