First of all…..our Texas boy won a gold in speed skating…he has 4 more to go…and I wish him nothing but the very very best……go go go….but please..stop crying…for pete’s sake.I know you won the gold on the 13th anniversary of you dearly beloved grandmother’s death and you loved her very much and I know she would be very proud of you…I’m not sure but I think I can hear her holloring from heaven…yes..I can…and what? I can hear it better now..she’s saying “stop crying you big pussy.”
But for the really big surprise…We (the USA) have a 62 year old Grandma riding the luge……this is her 6th Olympics. She represents the U. S. Virgin Islands. Go Granny…..Anne Abernathy known as “Grandma Luge” will be sporting a new look. She will wear a lime-green racing suit and a cherry-red helmet for Monday’s start of the women’s competition.”I kind of look like a Christmas tree,” she said Friday at Cesane. “The red helmet is in honor of women over 50..that we can go out and do what we want to do. It’s a big deal for a lot of women that someone over 50 is going out there and doing it.”

I’m sure when she said ‘going out there and doing it.’she was refering to riding the Luge in the Olympics……..or maybe not.
ahhhh fuckme till I win gold….

Im so glad I have my blog…I used to just let these thoughts sit in my brain and ferment……be freee little weird thoughts….be free……


4 Responses to “OLYMPIC SURPRISES.”

  1. Scottish Toodler Says:

    Thank goodness all of your thoughts have a home now!! Go Granny Annie!!!!!

  2. soonerfan78 Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day and may your thoughts and prayers lay to waste all those that oppose you or just simply seem, act or look fucked up.

    May Rocky come home at a decent hour and may the Blue Bell Fairie of ice cream orgasm infest your nether regions with an “infinite conveyor belt” of smiles.


  3. chattymoon2012 Says:

    I loved hearing about “Granny Annie” too. The whole world thinks once you are over 50 you are no good for nuttin’ and should just roll over and die. Then we get people like this lady who make us all feel hopeful again *sniff sniff*

  4. Babs Says:

    Ummmm… I think I’m hearing those voices urging you over the edge of sanity…

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