Meanwhile..back in West….the city gives okay to cookoff….we have had enough rain and we are supposed to get sleet and rain over the week end..so is safe to have our cook off..which by the way is one of the biggest bbq cookoff’s in Texas. It is sancioned by the International Barbecue Cookers Association and will be judged under their rules..New for this year is the Kids Barbecue Pork Chop Cookoff for young cookers. There are 2 age groups, one of cookers age 5-10 and another for those ages 11-15. The bad news is there won’t be a dance this year and the West VFD will not sell barbecue in conjuctionwith the cookoff as they have in years past..There will be concessions booths on March 17th and 18th..Man, you should be here for the cookoff..drive down by the rodeo grounds where the cookoff is held and the smell is unfuckingbelieveable…hooboy
Ross, Leroy, and West ar having local elections…
The bad news is the town is installing new four way stop signs..damn…now there will be more places for the traffic to get bogged down…no you go first…no that’s ok, you go first..no really you can go first, I don’t have to pick the kids up till 3:30 and it’s only 2pm,so you can go first….etc. etc. etc…
We again only had one birth, 1 engagement,2 birthdays and 4 deaths…Get fucking you guys…
Damn, the girls basketball team lost to Carrolton and are out of the play offs..but the guys are heading to the playoffs….way to go…
Land and houses are still cheap and plentiful…can get 10 acres, 3-bedroom home, 2 living-areas,built ins, for $194,900.
Czech stop and Villiage Bakery are hiring along with Jupe’s Mill.Can buy a 1966 Ford Galaxy, 2-door, air, shocks,chrome kreagers, runs for $2,500..(what is a kreager?????)
Blue Bell Ice Cream and D.Pepper are both on sale at Community Grocery. Get thee behind my fat thighs satan….
Not much else going on this week…I am,as I always say..busier than a towel girl in a Jaurez whore house…I made a great meat loaf with potatoes on the bottom and home made dog muchies for Jamie’s babies..They are easy to make…flour, oatmeal, peanuts, bananas, applesauce and vanilla…mix it all up and make balls about the size of walnuts and bake on cookie sheet for 15 minutes..hell, I may try one…If you want the full recipe, email me and I will send it to you…
My wind chimes are starting to kick up so maybe the northerner is blowing in…it was just a great day today…80 degrees, sunny and no wind…but no birds…they had all ran for cover…Because there are no leaves on the trees I was able to spot this gigantic nest in my tree…has to be a squirrel nest as it is way to big for birds..
Going to go check on my dog balls and watch Olympics..feel like I have to as no one else is….
fuckme till I do a tripple axle….



  1. Lisa Says:

    my gosh, i sold my house with almost no acres for 210,000 dollars the year before last. i think i’m moving down to west. great that your cook off can go on as scheduled, i’d like to be there. never been to a cook off.

  2. Rocky (Racquel) Says:

    Get behind me satan…LOL!!

    Boy can you see the culture difference between Chicago and West – nobody would EVER call it March 17, let alone schedule a cookoff – it’s St. Paddy’s Day up here! 🙂

  3. Scottish Toodler Says:

    I SOOO want to come to the cook-off!! LMAO about get thee behind me, satan, I will try that next time I’m tempted, current temptation times are about 5 minutes apart.

  4. lilly Says:

    mmm… bbq sounds really good. You cant find real barbeque up here. how bout’ you fedex me some!

  5. leo myshkin Says:

    i’d love to have a 66 galaxy but the repairs would probably kill me.

    is it just me or did the car companies use up all the good names in the 60’s?

  6. BriteYellowGun Says:

    Cheap isn’t the word to describe that property! Are you sure that isn’t a misprint?

  7. Jack the Blogger Says:

    I think the “Kreagers” might be a misspelling of “Cragars”, which are a brand of tire rims. Usually the fancy, cool-looking kind of rims that you see on hot rods.

    When I was in high school, that’s all I wanted was some slotted Cragars for my ride. Couldn’t afford it, though — fuckers are expensive! 😉

  8. PJ Says:

    I have seen the Texas cookoffs on tv. They always look like so much fun and the BBQ looks so good I don’t have to smell it to know I want it.

  9. Babs Says:

    LOL about the stop sign!! I’ve been through several small TX towns and that always cracks me up.
    Those are dog munchies? It’s sounds yummy to me! Woof!

    No rain or sleet here yet. But it’s damn cold.

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