No one but other H. Allen Smith readers will know what that title means..Usually when I post is has a subject, like forest gumps totally fucked up administration, my granddaughters, mojo, my little town of West, something so stupid I had to bring it to your attention…but this post is going to be a mismosh of thoughts, replies and assorted bullshit…kay?
First of all…in my West post everyone was amazed about the prices of land and houses, etc. and that price on the house and acreage is not a missprint…the houses and land right now in West are down…more examples…4 bedroom/3 bath brick home on 1.5 acres, gameroom and lots of room $179,900….immaculate home on 2 acre, fireplace,4beds, great floor plan $218,900…3 bedroom brick home on 16 acres, shop building,$149,900..
3bedroom home in West, nice lot $$59,900…plus there is even a bakery for sale and Sulak’s cafe is for sale for $165,000…
West is less than 20 miles from Waco, a little over 100 miles from Austin, and under 90 miles from Dallas.We are in central Texas….or as we like to say “deep in the heart of Texas”…
ok..enough bragging on my little town…oh and we have great schools too.one little thing about any part of Texas though is the weather..be prepared for good days (80 and sunny, no wind) to 108, hot hot hot…..80 degrees nights…and like yesterday it was high of 84 and low of 63, today’s high is 42 and low tonight is 32(going to be worse tomorrow)..with 25-30 miles an hour winds…but ………….this is rare..we don’t get snow, and the chances of it getting much worse is pretty slim..so we have that going for us..ha..
Texa lost a cowboy today…so sad…Ernie Stautner who was 80 years old died. For you folks that don’t remember the Tom Landry Cowboys, Ernie was former defensive coordinator for the ‘boys for 23 years…he played for Pittsburgh before he became a coach…and his number is the only number that the Steelers have ever retired…he was a 9 time Pro Bowler in 14 years…so long Ernie….
There was article in DAM News about Kinky Friedman and his lack luster voting record…Now voting is something I am very passionate about…I may not like who you voted for…but I will be happy just that you voted…and ole Kinky has voted one in the last 12 years…He says that limited options among reasons for his dismal voting record. Well, excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me asshole…..but having to choose between one dipshit and another dipshit is not a good excuse…maybe if you had voted earlier we would have had a better choice…Kinky is pissing me off more and more..he better stop tap dancing around “answers ” for his bid for governor or I’m voting for one of them Democrats.
Last and not least….Forest’s latest fuckyou to the American public…Bush is seeking $65 billion for the Iraq and Afghanastan war…first of all..I thought we had won that Afghanastan war and they had elected a government..so what the fuck are we still doing there?…The Forest Gump administration prepared a $65.3 billion war request, and Pentagon officials said the money would be sufficient to conduct the 2 wars at least through Sept. 30th.Congress had approved $50 billion more for the war effort in December.(explain to me why we need that much money for a force of 138,000 troops on the ground till Sept. when they are supposed to be reducing the forces…so wtf??)
If they get this money..it will bring the amount to $400 Billion fucking dollars..and they will be asking for $50+ billions in Oct. Also on Thursday, the adiminstration requested $4.2 billion for foreign aid, including $75 million to promote democratic institutions in Iraq, and $2.9 billion for intellegence activities… EXCUSE THE FUCK OUT OF ME…? WHAT? $2.9 billion for intellegence activities? YOU’VE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME.What are they going to be doing?………………searching FOR intellegence?fuckme till I go redneck….This is the same congress that before the last session ended they couldn’t agree on anything but the fact that they needed a raise…now they are going to cut medicare and help for the poor, …fuckme..fuckme…fuckme.. and $75 million to promote democratic institutions in Iraq? Well you better hurry the fuck up on that one assholes because while the Iraqui’s are getting democracy…ours is fucking us up the ass…there are so many things wrong with this picture…….we are spending billions of dollars to bring democracy to a bunch of Allah loving, carpet praying , turban wearing,American hating group of people who are racking up kia’s by the day….Judas Priest……..Lee Harvey….where are you when we really need you…??
I have to go now….I have this stabbing pain over my right eye….so before I have another stroke, I’m going to make me a cup of tea and read my book…..or I might go screaming out into the yard in my West Baseball tshirt and my underwear…and Rocky has aked me to refrain from these public displays of craziness as the other cats make fun of him because his slave is such a nutcase..by the by….? Cell is fucking terrific….if this doesn’t make you toss your cell phone away..nothing wil…instead of calling the book Cell, Stephen King should have called it “I’m going to scare the shit out of you for 350 pages.”…
fuckme till I have a ring tone.



  1. soonerfan78 Says:

    Now, as you have put it to me, why don’t you tell us what you REALLY think?

    Goddammitt I guess I’ll do that tag fucking post even if it hairlips the rotting corpse of Ella Fitzgerald.

    I’ll try to do your pics this weekend, looks like we are getting slapped with a sheet of ice, on top of the charred wasteland.

    Kinda like someone slippin’ up and slippin a dick in your ass and then jumping over your shoulder blades, oh well…

  2. Nit Wit Says:

    Glad your enjoying Cell.
    Like Sooner said, you have to stop holding back and botteling stuff up. I’m still stuck in Koontzville (The Eyes Of Darkness) I’m reading slower than I used to.
    I was at the library today and forgot to note the authors you listed in an earlier post so I just got some art books for now. 🙂

  3. Babs Says:

    Ah… a good ol’ fashioned Jackiesue rant!! Brings tears to my eyes.

    No, I haven’t watched the Olympics. I’ve been watching NASCAR instead of “NASCAResque”. Interesting word. I guess it’s because NBC is broadcasting the Daytona 500 that they even mention NASCAR during the Olympics. And then they have to make up a word. Hmmmm…

    Matt won a race tonight!!! Wasn’t a NASCAR race, it was the International Race of Champions or IROC race. Some crash pictures on my NASCAR blog from the carnage. Even though he started at the very back of the race, Matt stayed in front most of the race and therefore avoided most wrecks.

    Well, hells bells. It’s raining here!

  4. apositivepessimist Says:

    *screaams at you with glee*…”YOU WON A TOODLE”

    can i touch you now?

  5. chattymoon2012 Says:

    Jackiesue Gump Rant, very satisfying, goes down good with am coffee, hehehe. You want to be pissed off, watch Lou Dobbs on CNN 6-7pm. He’s the only one tells it like it is, and mentions all the border shit. And all the stuff you just ranted about. You should be a political reporter…he he Jackie’s Tales from the Darkside, better than Howard Stern

  6. Ann Says:

    Sweet I’m really going to have get Cell.

  7. Beansidhe Says:

    Military Intelligence: A prime example of an oxymoron.

    I looked everywhere for a copy of Cell today but with no luck. Guess it’s not out over here yet.

  8. JDaaris Says:

    You should be proud of your town…. Rocky’s slave is such a nutcase… really, only anudder “staffer” of cat (or cats in my case) would appreciate that! 🙂

  9. Rocky (Racquel) Says:

    That cat of yours freaks me out by having the same name!

  10. texlahoma Says:

    I keep wondering if Forest Gump is at least going to pull a rabbit out of the hat in Iraq. Like getting something that in some way benifits the U.S. but I guess that’s expecting to much.

  11. Scottish Toodler Says:

    The real fucker is that Gump senior and Reagan regimes were the ones that funded training all the afghani’s against the russians…hmmmm…

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