Man…if this isn’t a grab a book, a cup of tea, turn on the radio to oldies but goodies station, then I don’t know what it is…It’s still raining..them lying sonsabitches..weather men…worse than husbands for all the misrepresentations they give out…its’s still raining ya schmuck’s…oh well, I know I didn’t want to do laundry any how… I still have clean underwear, 3 tattered tshirts and a pair of blue jeans. I can make it till Monday…because thanks to Babs I know have something to do on the sundays since there is no more football…………………NASCAR….I have to admit, I’m still not hooked, but I have started to read about it in the newspaper….and the more I read the more I can connect to it…kinda..sorta…well, I am at least trying. I did find it interesting that one driver got banned for life for flunking the dope test for the 3rd time…I am not happy about another sport having to deal with drug problems..but sure do like that they do something about it…I mean ….how many chances are you supposed to get…? and with football if your doing drugs……what…? some one whacks the shit out of you cause your stoned out of your noggin? basketball, you drop to the floor cause your heart is on the outside of your chest from the coke you snorted before the game? but damn..racing a car around a track with 40 something other cars going 140 miles an hour…damn….lots of deaths there..so glad to see they said..no your out of here and you ain’t coming back no more, no more…hit the road jack…
yup…it’s still raining…
Rocky found all the thunder last night a little disturbing and slept on top of my head..everytime it would thunder he would reach around and pat me on the cheek…sweet kitty….
I’m still eating the stew I made..and the longer it sits and ‘stews’..the hotter it gets..damn it’s good…did anyone check out Denise’s pot roast recipe? pretty good…but no chili in it…hell, I put chili in my oatmeal…
well, im going to go check out some new blog sites I found…one is fugetaboutit!!!
and i really do like it..and oldenough..and muhammad and me, you had me at idiot, and normy’s corner of the universe..I like blogs that make me laugh, or make me think..or if I’m really lucky..both…..see ya’ll…
fuckme till lightning shoots out my ass.


  1. PJ Says:

    Rain rain. All we got is sunshine and very cold temps. I keep praying spring will sprung soon.
    That driver that was banned for doping was banned for life out of Nascar. They don’t mess around, do they?
    Have a nice day and enjoy your tea and book.

  2. BriteYellowGun Says:

    It was supposed to be sunny here today but it’s very cloudy and gray out. No rain though…and the temperature is pleasant…in the 60’s. I printed out Denise’s recipe. Anything in a crockpot is okay with me! In fact tonights dinner is cheesy crockpot chicken.

  3. Nit Wit Says:

    I think spring is coming soon up here. I drove 1/2 mile to Docs office for blood test Friday morning and saw about 30 squirls chaseing each other around and tempting the car gods to turn them into pancakes.

  4. Rocky (Racquel) Says:

    You keep eating chili like that and lightning will shoot out your arse before you know what hit ya!

  5. Normy Says:

    Wish it would rain here… so far all Indiana has had to deal with is some frickin’ wind. We have seen some robins out here at the ‘ol ponderosa though… so spring is coming. Slowly.

    NASCAR is an interesting sport… the drivers get punished worse than I think they should for cussing on TV. The punishment for drugs thing is a good idea but as for cussing… if some little jackass bumped into me and made me lose time or a piece of that plastic body, I’d be cussin too! They’re entitled to a little road rage I think.

  6. Scottish Toodler Says:

    I love finding new blogs!!

  7. Babs Says:

    See now if you would read my NASCAR blog, you would know that I posted about that driver being banned for life from NASCAR. He was already on a suspension until year 2007 and they randomly test even while suspended. Can’t have people on drugs out there driving at those speeds. Plus, he was a little punk. Shame that he threw away his talent and his chance at the big NASCAR cup scene. I don’t know what drug had him, but NASCAR worked with him for re-hab and everything. He had lots of chances to get off the drugs. Sad.
    But the drivers also have to answer to sponsors. So, they have to act better than most sports players.
    Hey, you just commented on my blog.
    The race is at 2:30 on Fox.

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