I finished Iron Orchid which was really good…I like Stuart Woods very much.Then I just finished James Patterson’s 5th Horseman which was super…It got tossed in there late as it didn’t come with the first batch of books that I ordered. I am working on Double Tap now…Steve Martini…slow going at first…but is picking up..
Sad news, Don Knotts died and just when I thought I was ok with that….Darren mcGavin died…oh man… I loved him….remember him as a kid when he played in “Man With the Golden Arm.”….but most will remember him as the grumpy Dad in “A Christmas Story”..which is my favorite Christmas movie..But when I developed my huge crush on him was when he played Kolchak:The Night Stalker……I loved that show…it didn’t run long enought to suit me..
All these people dying like they are is tough on me..they are my generations ‘old hollywood’….All my favorite actors, singers and comedians are going on to the other side…makes me feel sooo old…sometimes that 62 feels like 82…..At least these two lived to a good ripe age….no dying young for them..thank the Goddess


11 Responses to “TWO MORE DOWN AND 5 TO GO”

  1. Nit Wit Says:

    I loved The Night Stalker and I liked Him in the Natural too. They play A Christmas Story to much over the holidays, like they did with It’s a Wonderful Life.
    I never saw Don Knotts in a roll that I didn’t love. My favorites were The Gost and Mr. Chicken and The Reluctant Astronaut. Sorry to see them go but your right they both had a pretty long run. I can’t believe that Darren McGavin named his son Bogart. 🙂

  2. apositivepessimist Says:

    aw really darren mcgavin as well.

  3. Lauren Says:

    WOW!! I didn’t know about Darren. He was great as The Night Stalker.

    The race starts at 2:30 CST. . . A new NASCAR fan in the making. . . KEWL!!!

  4. Jack the Blogger Says:

    I just posted on McGavin in my blog,too (before I saw your post). D’oh!

    You’re right — at least these two lived long, full lives. It’s a shame when some of ’em die so young.

    I agree with nitwit, too — loved DM in “The Natural”. I wondered about the Bogart thing, too. Gotta wonder if DM was a huge Bogey fan, I guess.


  5. Star Says:

    Granny I like your sense of humor as well as your name.

  6. Scottish Toodler Says:

    They were your heroes when you were a tiny wee lass, so don’t worry you aren’t going anywhere– remember? You have to at least wait for your Sally Field Biopic!!!

  7. Rocky (Racquel) Says:

    Patterson, Woods and Martini – a trifecta of fab authors!

    I was sad about these guys too. You know what they say, though; yesterday’s gone, today’s a gift and tomorrow’s not guaranteed.

  8. Babs Says:

    Did you see my boy Matt win the race??? If not, lots of pictures on my NASCAR blog and more to come!!!

  9. Babs Says:

    I will admit, a good part of that race was boring, until the end!!!
    Did you hear me scream at the end???

    PS. Mr. Yeller Gun thinks he can start his own army of fire ants and try to take over the world. I warned him that I also have the powers of you and Sooner on my side…. mwhahahahahahaha

  10. chattymoon2012 Says:

    Yeah, I heard old Don Knotts passed on..I remember him mainly inthe Andy Griffith show and Three’s Company. I didn’t hear about Darren Mcgavin but then I went to work today so I must have missed the announcement…

  11. Nancy Says:

    I’m 52 and I know what you mean by feeling 82. I just want to know when did I get so old? I just woke up one day and I was over the hill, I guess that’s better then being under it.

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