One of the great things about your ass draggin’ (or it is in the case of my ass)….is you can also dust the floor while it’s draggin..kind of a two for one deal..I finally went to the laundry….and I am whipped…My back is killing me, my feet hurt and I am generally feeling like I have been hauled behind a pickup truck down a gravel road. Laundy sucks..blows and bites…But I am going to put on clean sheets, take a shower and do the Tabu dusting spraying again.. That will keep Rocky away….every time I use Tabu, he sneezes…would be only fitting that my cat is alergic to me…hahahahh…
I’m still reading double tap by Martini and don’t know if it is me or the book…but just can’t get with it..kinda sorta boring….but will plow through….
While I was in town waiting for my laundry to dry I went to our local used shit store..
Caritas….I have some small wooden tables that I want to refinsh and decopauge(sp).so bought some children’s books with great art work…were .25 a peice..will cut the pictures out and paste them on crackled tables…pictures of Narnia, Winnie the Pooh, and one with just pretty art work…babies in nests kind of thing. Give me something to do when the weather is nice like this..
I am going to crawl over to the chair and rest my weary ass……but at least I accomplished something today….
fuckme till I’m folded and put away.


9 Responses to “MY ASS IS DRAGGIN’”

  1. Normy Says:

    Used shit stores are awesome… it’s where I’ve found almost, well, all of my furniture… I like blond formica from the fifties and old kitchen stuff. Plus those places always have 8-track tapes I can use in my truck. Screw iPods… I like buying 8-tracks for 25 cents.

  2. Babs Says:

    Yeah!! You tackled the laundry monster!!!!

    I think MR. BYG is in over his head and doesn’t realize it…

  3. Nit Wit Says:

    The used shit store has been one of the fastest growing stores around here. Lotta people need money to pay for luxuries like heat and food. 🙂
    I need a vacation where it’s warm.

  4. Brilliantmadness Says:

    Yay for used shit stores!!!! Found my copy of the Beatles Revolver album there, picked up a cool frame and Voila! a work of art!! RYC – OMG JS, when I was little, blinking was exactly what I did!!! I just blinked and blinked until “it” went away 🙂 Rest that ass- I can see you sinking into that freshly Tabu scented bed 🙂 Sweet dreams!!!

  5. Scottish Toodler Says:

    I HATE laundry and I have so much right now I don’t know if I can fit it in the car! That idea of the tables and the book art is awesome!! I hope you can post photos when you have finished!!!

  6. PJ Says:

    Laundry. Ugh. Mine needs to be done. Come do it.
    I used to love browsing through second hand stores and could find really neat things cheap. Rest.

  7. leo myshkin Says:

    ryc, the nephilim are thought to be fallen angels, very evil, the agents of satan. the story goes they bred with humans and created an evil race in attempt to sabotage the prohecies of the messiah saving mankind and slaying satan. it is also said that reason for the great flood was to wipe out the nephilim.

    as with most things in the scriptures, there are a few holes in the story!

  8. Nancy Says:

    Since we had to sell our house because of Bruce’s motor cycle accident we have do go the launder matt and it sucks. Whatever happened to life getting easier as you get older?

    I hear you JackieSue, I hear you.

  9. Beansidhe Says:

    “laundry sucks, bites and blows” I like that – hafta remember that one 🙂

    Can you send over some Texas sunshine please? We’ve got masses of snow here. Brrrrrr.

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