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HUMID, HOT, OVERCAST…it’s springtime in Texas

March 31, 2006

Rocky is laying out in the yard on his back pretending he is dead so he can lure some of the birds to the yard and eat them…they are not gong for it…these birds have been coming here for 11 years to get fed..they are wise to the dead cat trick…They are also smart enough to work the base off of the bird feeder and dump all the seed on the ground
and not have to get it a little at a bastids…
I went to some garage sales and got some arts and crafts stuff..a brand new answering machine for $2.75…a huge bag full of material remnants for .25..haven’t a clue what I will do with them..but hey, it was only a quarter… and a nearly brand new set of sheets for $1…a very beautiful ornate silver (not real silver, but heavy as hell) picture frame with a rose on the side for .25.
You would be very proud of me..they had a free puppy…he was soooo cute….cross between a german shepherd and a blue healer..but by the size of his feet he was going to be a big dog, and I am not going through that again..with dog trying to escape from the yard….but damn..he sure was cute…
Went to the bank and filled out paper work for my debit card…I love going to the bank…when I walk in there is a chorus of ‘hi jackie’s..’…every body is smiling and glad to see me…I bet..they own my ass….
I had started drinking dr.pepper again..instead of juices and decaffinated tea…and now I remember why I quit…all that damn caffine is making me jittery when I try to sleep and am not sleeping like I was..and I just detest the taste of dr.pepper with no caffine or sugar…why will go back to the decaffinated tea…fuckity fuck…
I am watching Jeopardy….I can kick ass the first round..but only soso on the second round..but sometimes they will have catagories of things I know about and just rock on through them…makes me think I am way smarter than I really am..I am your worse nightmare…a semi-literate redneck…
I would like to take this time to thank Babs for adding new blogsites to my blog…I am sooo grateful for her doing it for I have found some new buddies.Mr. Shrift, Superwoman, Nitty Gritty New York(great pictures), Denise’s new place and Danno…
Ohhh, I know the question to the final Jeopardy answer…yes…..nana nana boo boo…stick your head in doo doo…
Does it seem like I am kind of running on and not really saying anything? Well, there is a perfectly good reason…..if I stall long enough I won’t have time to do laundry…..hehe…
Ok, I’m out of here..going to go find Jamie and take her to Bold Springs Baptist Church and get some of their great hamburgers….tata ya’ll



March 30, 2006

So I’m sitting in front of the tv watching Will and Grace….no rain, no thunderstorms, nada….all of a sudden…..all the lights go out…..I sit in the dark for about 5 seconds and then I yell in my ‘I’m going to kick your ass voice’……:LIGHTS ON ……NOW…..
and they came right back on….I’m still laughing….Don’t mess with the Goddess…


March 30, 2006

Another reason why I love my little paper…I had forgot about Daylight Savings coming up…
Lots of exciting stuff in the West News….Two organizations are planning fund-raisers for our Parish Center for St. Mary’s Catholic Church of the Assumption. West KJT Society 31 is sponsoring a chicken barbecue and bake sale this Saturday and Sunday at St. Mary’s School cafeteria. Whole chickens are $6 each and half chicken is $3.. The Monsignor George Doskocil Forth Degree Knights of Columbus Assembly 2391 is sponsoring a fried fish dinner with all the trimmings at St. Joseph’s Hall in West. prices…
West Boy Scouts are collecting aluminum cans to raise money. West Band Booster’s are having a garage sale in the West Community Center Sat. Proceeds from the sale will be used to help fund a future band trip.
Purple Heart Chapter plans a saturday meeting..There will be an election of officers during the meeting..(says something about a town of less than 2,000 that they have enough purple heart members to hold meetings and elect officers…)
This is really really crappy….A historic scrapbook was stolen from the West Library. It belonged to James Allen West, grandson of Thomas M. West for whom the city was named. The scrapbook was a collection of news events gathered by J. A. West, who died in the 1960’s..Including was newspaper and magazine clippings with information on various events and people during that era. Also information on the city, pictures of businesses, churches and people in the city and McLennan county.
I haven’t talked to Henrietta yet, but I bet she is fit to be tied….
Trade days will be the weekend of April 8th and 9th…will be held at the fair grounds…I will go check it out and see what I can find in the somebody else’s used shit department..
West Middle school won first place in District 8-AAA UIL One Act Play compettion. The performed the play The Merry Regiment of Women.
We had one birth…Dylan Drake Lednicky ..7lbs. 4 oz. He has 2 older brothers…Derek and Deven……We had one marriage..Vicky Holtz and Jared Brim…Twins Keith and Wesley celebrated their 16 birthday. Along with Amanda who turned 16 also….and someone named Punkin is celebrating her 30th birthday..picture of her when she was about 6. Jacob Barton celbebrated his 2nd birthday with all his grandparents present. We had 6 deaths…all of them at least 70 years old except for Brandi Svacina who was 23 and died of a brain tumor..She was single mother of a 2 year old boy Zacharee Gage Svacina….this is one of those really sad deals….she was a super sweet girl, good mother and way to young to die…
50 years ago there was a bit of advice in the West News…’When a man points a gun at you, knock him down. Don’t stop to look if it is loaded, but knock him down and don’t be at all particular what you do it with. If there is to be a coroner’s inquest, let it be over the other fellow..he won’t be missed…
Now that is funny..
Lady Trojan baseball team is undefeated in District…Trojans begin 8-AAA action with Glen Rose, Venus with wins…The Nick Muska Memorial Baseball, Softball tournament is this week-end..Hope it doesn’t get rained out..
Immaculate home on 2 acres, fireplace,4 bedrooms, great floor plan. $218,900.
Builders home on 2 acres with 3 car garage separate shop, large living room, $149,900.
Some one is looking for good homes for 2 labs, plus a home for a 7-week old Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever mix..
There are 12 garage sales scheduled for this weekend…mostly just on Sat…as on Sunday they are all in church…really….(‘cept me…I will be at the Church of the Great Oval)
JCDA to sponser annual Community Easter Egg Hunt.Junior Catholic Daughters Court 829 of West is sponsoring its free community-wide Easter egg Hunt frm 10am to noon april 15th at the West Community Center. The hunt is to be offered to 4 different age categories. The first hunt for children ages 0-2 is to begin at 10:15am followed by a hunt for children ages 3-4 at 10:40am. The next hunt for ages 5 and K-First graders begins at 11:05am with the last hunt for children in grades second to third is to begin at 11:30am. Pictures with the Easter Bunny are to be taken and there will also be a bake sale and children’s games. All proceeds are to be donated to the West Volunteer Ambulance Association..
Well, that is the news in my little village for the week……It’ an easy life…but someone’s got to live it..


March 29, 2006

I received an email from a my friend Tara about a yahoo article…laughed my chubby ass off..Seems in the town of Fairfield, Conn they have a problem with a cat named Lewis..Lewis has 6 toes on each foot and each has a long claw on it..So far he has attacked and maimed about a half dozen people, biting and clawing..Also attacked the Avon Lady as she was getting out of her car(who among us hasen’t wanted to do that at one time or another?) They have been forced to put a restraining order on ole Lewis..and he is under house arrest..The owner has been charged with failure to comply with a restraining order and reckless endangerment..
Hey Babs, and we thought we had some bad cats…even Rocky, on his worse day has never had a restraining order put on him..ahhh, that’s funny…cat’s..ya gotta love ’em..

It is raining in West, Texas..don’t know how long it is going to last…it is Texas after all..ya just never can tell…I want to go to Waco and get glasses and do some once in a every blue moon shopping…talked to the girls last night and we are working their schedules so we can go see a movie..we haven’t figured out what we want to see, but we first have to get a day or night when one or both aren’t working..those are the two hardest working kids..Jamie is, I hope, broke up with her boyfriend Zac..he didn’t get her anything for her birthday(nor for this past valentines)..and when she said “what?not even a card? you couldn’t even write happy birthday on a fucking napkin?” he told her she was materialistic….I said my ass..he’s a fucking tightwad and and a useless peice of shit boyfriend to boot and I am going to kick his mother fucking ass….She not only doesn’t deserve this kind of teatment, no one deserves this kind of treatment…little prick…I’ll put some Goddess whammy on his ass…every time he walks out of his door he will be looking around to see if I am there…which will be easy as he only lives 1/2 block from me…little fucker..will make him regret being born and will wish he was dead..cause I can and will wreck havoc on his lazy, no good peice of dirtbag ass….as you can see….I am miffed…..if Jamie even thinks about taking that fucker back I will spank her….I don’t care if she is 17….will bip her till he has another birthday..On the other hand we have Jenny, who is Jackiesue’s grandaughter…she got into a heated argument with her boyfriend Lance…Jenny’s like me..she books no fools…and she want’s someone that will not let her run over them…it’s not that she wants to fight all the time..but she can’t respect someone who will let her run all over them..and lance is a yes, honey…anything you say honey, kind of guy..she fucking hates that…so her last words on the subject to him was”Lance, you need to ball up.”…..ahhh, that’s my gal….

damn damn. The tv set I bought at yard sale was owned by a Spanish lady and she has the english to spanish translation on the screen…so every now and then it will scroll across the screen the Spanish translation…I thought I had fixed it but now the screen just shows black places where the translations would have I know which shows she used to watch as it only comes up on certain ones..They lady died and they were selling all her I either need a tv repairman or an exorcist…
The sun is coming out so maybe this means the rain is over for the day..will call and make an apt . with the eye doctor…he is very very popular..he is very good at his job, but he also is a very very attractive asian guy..don’t know if he is korean, chinese..what ever…don’t care..he’s hot..
Ok, I have stalled long enough..I have to go to Waco…yuck..


March 28, 2006

These were done in order of reception, I am thankful to associate such an onry beautiful face to the freind I have met, love ya Jac, Sooner

last but not least..hippy mexico..1970

asshole #1Bob Brown and me at senior prom..he…..ahh jeez…if i only knew then..what i know now….

ahhhhh, bill….the best dog ever…my best friend..playing with his elephant slipper and favorite sock…(which was any sock i had just taken off)

jenny 18

chuck..18 when he died…greatest cat..

rocky the killer caat

nate the 110lb pit bull hogging the ac


March 28, 2006

jennifer 18

the next is the 4 granddaughters when they used to come to grandma’s and spend the weekend….this is out side the gazebo where we would take my homemade pizza and soda pops and we would picnic in the gazebo.
jamie, jenny nicole and haley

the next is of mojo and thom in san francisco

the next are of jamie with her pit bulls..

the next are of jamie with her pit bulls..brown spotted one is the male kilo and the black spotted one is the female china

the first one is my 85 year old pistol packing aunt leola…dont let that sweet face fool you..she will shoot you.

the next is when i was about 20….had 18 inch waist line…this was my bridget bardot period…ahhhh the good ole days..when i couldnt go 20 days without sex more or less 20 years….hooboy…

this is about 26…this is the first time i had ever taken meth…see the floors? that is 3 coats of johnson hand…i also cleaned the bathroom, kitchen, did 4 loads of laundry, and took a tooth pick and cleaned around all the trim in the house…i was stoked…asshole #2 wanted to take my picture so i could see how amped i was…i was pissed cause i knew there was still dirt out there someplace that needed my attention….


March 28, 2006

ahhhhh, the 3 little trouble makers…michael ray, jackiesue and larry wayne..this is the picture taken right after we had each eaten a pint of ice cream..we were so full all we wanted to do was go find a pallet to lay down on and take a little nippy nap..

this is mike my friend who plays with snakes..this is the cobra he likes to play with..he also kisses it on the top of the snakes head

this was taken about a week before the shooting…jack was starting to ….well, jack was starting to build up his drug supply…this is me, jack mojo thom and david at my daddys house

this is lane, me mojo and carol….

next is my daddy frank r. roycroft…

the cutie in front is me about 2 1/2 or so? and Diann and Michael Ray in back ground.

this one is of my friend mike and his 14 year old son in the rattlesnake pit..showing how to act if you wake up surrounded by rattlers…

….this one is me when i was 31…this was taken about 1 month before i went on trial…was hard to get a big ole jackiesue smile out of me.


March 28, 2006

I slept till 11am..latest I have slept in a while…Usually up at 9am latest..but yesterday worm my chubby ass OUT…..I was going to go to Waco and get my glasses and check on a bed but I can’t seem to get my ass into gear…I did do dishes and have comet all over my stove to clean all the grease from the hamburger I had for dinner last night…Don’t know how cooking for one person can make such a mess…I had a craving for bugers and fries and managed to get grease from one end of kitchen to the other. Even on the floor..had to sweep and mop up…Jeeeez, I’m such a slob..but back was hurting so bad, I just wanted to fix it and get out of the kitchen and go watch prison escape and 24..thought i was going to watch medium but they had that new show on Heist..and what a waste of tv time…
I finished the Last Templar and really did like it…kinda sorta like the Davinci code..but not as good…but liked the plot better…or the idea behind the book…if you liked dvcode you will like this book too. There is another one about the Templar Knights that I am waiting for Henrietta to get and also the Jesus Papers is coming out soon too…I checked out a new book yesterday and it has 875 pages….hooboy..But it is about the assinations of John and Robert Kennedy…Called ultimate Sacrifice…Can’t wait to get into that one…
While I was getting my tires yesterday I went to see Jeanette Karlic, (the one that writes the little ‘thanks for listening ‘ article for the paper..I had loaned her my dream book and finally remembered to get it…and Chatty, it didn’t have a thing in there about moving furniture…but at least I have it back anyone want their dreams figured out, my book may help…I would really be interested in helping Babs and her dreams..especially the ones about her ex-boyfriend..heehee…
So I am going to rest up today, hope the rain finally comes..we only got sprinkles yesterday and a little rain this am….I keep seeing these flood watches and 90% chance of rain ….ooooookay…now where is it…??? By the by Babs? I still haven’t done my laundry yet..I will do it Friday…which will make it a full week since the time I said I was going to do it..Today is Jamie’s 17th birthday……wow…they are growing up sooo fast.
I think I will lay down and take a little nippy nap…..yawnnnnnnnnnn..or mabye a power nap….


March 28, 2006

The best actor on tv….ever ever ever….If you missed him when he was on Homicide;Life on the Streets about 5-6 years back…well, you missed some of the best acting you will ever see…He played Frank Pembleton….a Baltimore cop…he was the best on that show..He did a 2 parter with Vincent D’Ofonereo(spelling)…and was emmy award winning…Vincent got pushed under a subway car and was dead the second they move the car off of him..and he is an obnixious asshole and you want to feel for him, but he is an asshole..and Andre and he just were poetry in motion…After it went off the air they reran it on court tv and I watched it every time they reran it….6-8 times each episode…he was the angel in City Of Angel’s…..when he smiles I get all warm and tingley…..he was in Get on The Bus too..played a bad guy…I hate it when he plays a bad guy…he was in several other tv shows but he was always better than the material they gave him…Well…..he’s back..on FX…in a show called Thief..where he plays a career criminal.. I am pissed..waited all this time for him to come back to the tv….and I can’t see it…I don’t get FX…fuckity fuck fuck fuck….so someone will have to watch it and tell me if you agree or not ..that he is the best actor on tv….I think I am a six pack from being a stalker….
I am so tired I’m left handed…been up since 8:30am and on the road since 9am…got the tires, did some shopping..cleaned a little house…potted some plants…and it is 12:46am..and I am heading to the bed now…my ass is a draggin……
fuckme till I yawn…


March 27, 2006

No this is not a joke..really they are going to build a George W. Bush Presidential Library. For 300 million dollars…no, really….they are…and this is the kicker…cities and universaries are fighting over the honor to have said library built there. This is no joke, so stop lauging…’cause it’s not funny…Ok, it’s a little funny….ok, ok, it’s A LOT funny..
My mind is boggled…what are they going to put in his library? Books on how to be a Yali cheerleader? We know he READ one book….the one about the goat, that he read to the kids while he sat there in “shock and awe” as his aide whispered into his ear that the towers had been attacked by terrorist….A book on avoiding the last 6 months or so of your military service. Lets see, ‘Cocaine, how to use it and not get caught”..Oh, and business books….at least two “How to fail in two or more business’s”…and “Lessons Learned from My Failed Business’s”(a very, very small book)..and mabye a book that tells you how to go from a failed business owner to owning a very small percentage of a baseball club, parlay that with help from Daddy’s bidness friends into being governor to the ultimate scam….President Of The United States…I’m sure it will be full of books telling us how to give all them bidness cronies of his Daddy’s very important jobs, whether they are qualified for them or not..who care’s I’M PRESIDENT. Just think:”Six years ago he couldn’t spell president …now he are one..”
Oh, well….if Forest Gump had any self respect or pride he would tell them…no thanks…no Library…I’m not worthy of a Library….yeah, right…like that will ever happen..
As you may or may not know…Baylor University in Waco is in the run for the Library….so that is a good thing…no really…because if they do get the Library? HUHUHUH….I will be able to drive less than 20 miles and walk around with a sign that says “Thank you Goddess ……he’s president no more,” on one side and on the other side”fuckyou, you forest gump acting asshole.” or words to that effect….Although I have a feeling after all the posts I have written about my feelings for ole Forest Gump….the powers that be are under direct orders to “shoot that bitch on sight”..