Its true…eat a good helping of asparagus, fresh or canned and then wait about 2-3 hours and go pee…it smells funny..well, maybe funny is the wrong word …it smells different and kinda tangy…
Today is Texas’s anniversary…170 years old…there was an article in my DAM News about the Texas Rangers escorting a stagecoach bearing the original handwritten Texas Declaration of Independence and other historical papers to the Star of the Republic Mueseum. The 170-year old documents go on display today which is Texas Independence Day.. Happy Independence Day Texas, and I bet if Houson, and Austin knew how you turned out……………they would have let the mexicans keep you..nah……not really. I do know that Texas could have been better treated by her keepers.
Remember back when I posted about my good friend Shady Lane and her care package? She sent me this great card with 2 cowgirls on it and it was blank inside..fill in your own message kind of card? well, she said for me to enjoy it and send it on to someone else to enjoy…and I have..sent it to Babs(that was the unticking thing she received in the mail) and told her to enjoy it and then send the cowgirls on….so the cowgirls started out in Austin, Texas went to West, Texas and I sent them on To Dallas and Babs is sending them on to Singapore….so the cowgirls are going on a world tour….Maybe they will come visit you…


2 Responses to “ASPARAGUS MAKES YOUR PEE SMELL FUNNY, and other bits of news”

  1. Babs Says:

    The cowgirls will go forth into the world….

    So, you think I have a weird ass avatar? It’s just your standard everyday straightjacket.

  2. BriteYellowGun Says:

    Is Shady Lane any relation to Penny Lane from the movie Almost Famous? I could imagine you hanging out with people like that back in the day!

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