Man, oh man oh man…this was such a great book. This guy makes Grisham look like a hack…I recommend this one very much…he writes about the south and southerners with truth and conviction and without making them ALL appear to be toothless, inbred red necks..His main character is Penn Cage and he is a man you can admire and strive to be like..so take it for what it’s worth..but I think it is a must read..
The sun is gone in West…could rain this weekend, which is fine and dandy with me..I planted winter grass about 5 years ago and my yard is starting to look pretty..need to go out and finish the racking I started last november….
Mojo called me early this afternoon crying like a baby…It is so so sad. The cat Bailey has some sort of infection (it has initials ifv or something like that) and it is fatal. There is nothing they can do and he will have to be put down..She is hysterical..She had waited all this time almost 4 years to get a cat and because she is such a softy she took Bailey even though she was told he would always be sickly. But they didn’t know he had this infection. They said he must have got it from another cat as it is highly infectious..and he had been quaranteened right up until he went up for adoption when he picked MOJO out of the crowd as his new owner.. Well, if he was going to die, he couldnt have been in better hands than MOJO’s as she loved him so much and took such great care of him…Just feel so bad for her…She said she wanted to drink…bless her little heart…Think my talk helped some but she is really down. She called me back and I was at the store so missed her call..Hope she is ok…damn damn damn…somethings even a momma can’t help with..wish we didn’t live so far from each other..her email address is maryjo312004@yahoo.com if you want to send her a note….was going to blog about week in West, but think I will do that tomorrow…..



  1. princeofbrokenhearts Says:

    re: your comment- yes, being able to name off all of the characters in days of our lives counts for a lot… it is probably harder than remembering things from movies.

  2. JDaaris Says:

    Jackiesue, if anybody knows the heartbreak of losing a pet, it is I. I will send her a note; I’m sorry, it’s sad; the only consolation is that she made Bailey happy for the time he had; hope that comforts her.

    RYC: I eat a Taco Bell occasionally… guess I’ve seen and eaten a tortilla without realizing it; I’m also guessing it’s different from a taco shell… that’s progress!

  3. Babs Says:

    Ahhh… poor Mojo!! That’s so hard to go through. Sounds like it’s FIV, I think that’s what it is.
    I don’t know what to say. It’s been almost a year (hard to believe) since I had to put JJ to sleep.

    I’m sure she gave Bailey the best life possible. From the pictures I’ve seen, that cat was surrounded by love.

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