I cand breed…caud ma node id stufped ud…I hab alergz….fud it

Ok, I typed it and I can’t understand what I said…
I may have found my calling…hire myself out on line for plumbing jobs…Mr. BYG, just email me and tell me what the problem is…and I can tell you how to fix it..Plumbing is easy…just don’t ask me to do any electical work..I go out side and turn off the electricity just to change light bulbs…that shit is scary..Although I could tell you how to do the job, just don’t trust myself to actually do it…I looked up waterless tanks for Waywrong and wow, those babies are cool…I want one of them…and a new toilet..Thom said he had one for me and I said I could put it in…..but haven’t heard from him soooo…
Went through a bunch of pictures so I can send them to Karla and she can email them to me and I will send to soonerboy, she also said she would download them to a disc so I would have them to watch any time I want…Found one of Michael Ray, Larry Wayne and Jackiesue….all three of us lined up against the wall of Daddy Red’s barn out in the country. We look like we are standing in a lineup. Larry is 3 years older than Mike and I and Mike was 2 months older than we must have been 3 and 6…I don’t remember the picture at all…there is another one of all three of us sitting on the ground up against the barn eating ice cream out of a carton and we look dazed from icecream over dose.. (Even then I had a thing for ice cream).But I can’t find it…also a great picture of my Daddy..and of course the kids and grandkids..some of me…younger version and older fatter version…and one of Shady Lane…and assorted pets.can’t wait for sooner to get them and put them up…and speaking of putting pictures up, didn’t he do a great job with the pictures…love the blow job on the dog…if you get bored you should just skip back to the beginning and look at all the pictures he put on my posts..don’t have to read them..just enjoy the pictures.. He does such a great job…good boy sooner…good boy…
Maryjo called and Bailey is doing ok, but they figure he has about 3-4 more or less, days before he will stop eating and when he does that..he will join Chuck, Bill, Nate,Eddie, Lucy, heaven…
I’m watching the race…they are actually making corners…and drive alot on the grass..but this is more of a race than the going round and around and around..
Leo commented and told me that I reminded him of Wyoming Knott in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein….well, I’m sorry to say that is one I havent read, but will check it out I only have 2 books left out of that stack of books to read..Well, I do have a Shel Silverstein children’s book to read and 2 auto-biographs I picked out from Used Shit Store.One by Shelly Winters and One by John Houston…so I have read 11 books..Will have to go back and see when I posted the list and see how long it took me…Henrietta said I have read over 10,000 books in the past 11 years..that is just from the library, that doesn’t count the ones I have bought or had given to me…and my own collection of books..Damn. I need to get a life..
Also, thanks to Soonerboy’s posting of the picture of the Zulu’s…you will be able to compare that picture to the picture of the Zulu’s in the paper or on tv….Such a difference..I know my Zulu’s…I have Lady Blacksmith Mombassa cd’s, and they are Zulu….still don’t think them guys at the parade were Zulu’s…So sue me…
Fuckme till I tote a spear


7 Responses to “MY NODE ID STUPTED UD”

  1. leo myshkin Says:

    ryc, old leonard did 3 songs on mccabe and mrs miller, one of the songs was sisters of mercy. he has done single songs on about 10 other movies.

  2. princeofbrokenhearts Says:


    you won the first horror movie quiz!!

    you have won a 12 inch tall gold-esque statue of an empty space.
    please allow 6-8 lifetimes for delivery.

    heh heh heh

  3. JDaaris Says:

    Sorry about the cold/allergies; I avoid looking through old pics for the most part, I get so melancholy, guess ya hafta be in the right frame of mind. Tell Mojo I’m thinking about her…

  4. Normy Says:

    Hell I read a lot too. Nothin wrong with that. Silverstein is cool…

    I was transfixed with the Iraq War money counter thing on your page so I put one on mine too.

  5. Babs Says:

    My node id stupted ud too…

  6. Nit Wit Says:

    My node is fine it’s my butt that hurts from going back to work. I guess work really is a pain in the ass. Still too cold here for pollen.:)

  7. Scottish Toodler Says:

    THE MOON IS A HARSH MISTRESS rocks!!! I think you will like it if you can get past the fact it is heavy sci-fi. I am not into the genre but Hienlin (sp?) is worth it.

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