SCATTERED THOUGHTS…some hitting the fan

I love coming to my blog and finding all the new pictures that soonerboy has put on my posts…he does such a terrific job..matching up the picture with my post…the boy is a genius…some times the pictures are better than the post…my love to you my bastard son..
Dom if you are reading this…Artic Monkey’s are going to be on Saturday Night Live next Saturday..I don’t know if you get SNL in jolly old England, but if you do, this is your Artic Monkey alert as I know you like them…
To everyone out there that is taking on home repair jobs, whether painting, plumbing, (no electrical) repairing, mending, refinishing, outdoor or indoor…let me know….I am a semi-professional at most of these things…painting especially…might be able to help you with what you are trying to do. Like I have said…Jackie of all trades, mistress of none..I also do most of the work on my truck and did most of all the work on my cars, from trucks to jeep. So use me ……Im cheap…
is it me or did something weird just happen to my font…what the fuck ?i know i must have done something but not sure what…kinda cute though….
I finished reading Iris Johansen’s On the Run… is fluff…I hate books on supposedly strong women but can’t keep thier pants on because of that one man..who makes them tremble and get hot in their nether regions..jeez…get a vibrator…and learn how to change your own tires..So unless you like fluff books….skip this one..reading The City of Falling Angels now..
I talked to my friend Karla who used to be my neighbor but now lives in Mo. and she said she would scan my pictures and put them in an email so that soonerboy can post them for me…So you will be able to see what i looked like then and now..well, at least close enough to now to get an idea what I look like.also pictures of Rocky and Churck and Nate, and Baby and Bill..all who have gone to their great reward ….that is the problem with getting old, the damn pets don’t last as long as you..Maybe I should get a parrot..teach it to talk and they live forfuckingever….ya, Rocky would love that…some feathered friend to talk smack to him..also pictures of Jenny and Jamie and her pit bulls…which are beautiful…you’ll see…
I am going to have an Oscar party for one tomorrow night…I’m probably the only one who will be watching it..but I love award shows and Oscar’s are my favorite…jeez…I need to get a life…
going to go read my book and finish reading my blogs….see ya’ll at the races tomorrow..where Babs has assured me that the cars actually make turns and don’t just go around and around and around….


14 Responses to “SCATTERED THOUGHTS…some hitting the fan”

  1. apositivepessimist Says:

    YaaY pictures of you are coming eh!!

    excellent *grin*

  2. Brilliantmadness Says:

    OMG I just started “Cell” WTF??I would just love to hang out with SK for a few hours. Thinkin he had some really good shit back in the 60’s 🙂

  3. tazfan Says:

    The change in your font is that you went into italics! LOL

    You are a stronger woman then me, and I admire you for that. But most of all I love your “Chin up, tits out” thing!! You got me saying that here now.

  4. Scottish Toodler Says:

    I only like those books if they are by Jude Deveraux. I can’t wait to see the pix. Sooner does rock!!!

  5. Babs Says:

    Clance’ is excited your watching the races! There actually is a chat on, but it’s so full of people and I’m usually busy trying to watch the race. But I check it out during commercials. And watch the Dale Jr and Jeff Gordon fans fight each other.

    I think Clance’ is doing a chat in the NASCAR yahoo group, which you can sign up on her NASCAR blog.

    I’ve read something of Iris Johansen’s before and I remember it had a lot of fluff. Damn woman, are you a speed reader or what?

    Like my new avatar…it’s for my SIL… Just to remind her that I can see her, the bitch.

  6. chattymoon2012 Says:

    Hey Jackie, how are the bluebonnets growing down there? So far nothing green is poking out of the ground here but should be anytime, once this old snow is gone. Anyway, the form I took 2 hours filling out is for Temporary Disability Insurance, just trying to get back some of the money the Gov’t stole from me over the years, hahaha. I finally snapped at work as you prob saw in my posts and the Psychdoc put me out of work for a month. Serve them right I say,pushed me over the edge and now there is one less slave. Anyway it takes TDI forever to send you a cheque (as I know from past experience!) and I thought I’d be able to speed it up some if I emailed my application back. Well it took me better part of 2 hours, where someone else might have done it in 5 minutes but I’m showing off because I finished it at all! And did you see where I did your quizz witrh the music, only I used REM to answer the questions with..go see if you havn’t already. And yeah I am looking forward to your pictures,,esp if you have one of Rocky licking his balls hahahahha hugz, Linda

  7. Nit Wit Says:

    Pictures! Oh Boy!
    I can just hear your parrot speaking and what you would teach it. The poor NASCAR drivers will have to be commited for a while after making right turns. 🙂

  8. tinylife Says:

    I think you hit the Ctrl-I button and your fonts became italics. Oh and i’m looking forward to your pictures.

    I love to come here and play with your soonerboy spidee, esp with the fly thing. Enjoy the nascar thing tomorrow. I’d like to watch it if only i can watch it from here. But i’ll probably catch a replay of the oscars though since i’ll be at work when its showing.

  9. Nancy Says:

    Pictures will be great, but your words paint a great visual.

  10. texlahoma Says:

    You should see the helter skelter way my house is plumed, Jackie Sue, it’s freakin crazy. I’m tempted to tear most of it out and start all over. Luckily we’ve got two water heaters so only part of the house is without hot water. Thanks for checking into the tankless heaters, I think that’s the way I’ll go.

  11. dom Says:

    Thanks for my Monkey alert Jackiesue,I have heard of SNL,but we don’t get it live here 😦
    I have several of their sketches which crack me up.

  12. BriteYellowGun Says:

    I have come up with a brilliant idea! Why don’t you come to NC at the end of the month or beginning of April while R is in China again. I have 4, count em, FOUR small plumbing projects that I haven’t a clue how to fix. The back deck could also stand a new deck top as well if you were interested. You could also make one of Bab’s lifelong dreams of seeing North Carolina come true by bringing her with you. And of course you would simply HAVE to pick Denise up on the way through Tennessee. This could work! I’ll probably watch a bit of the Oscars just to see the clothes and if Brokeback Mtn. wins anything but I can never stay up till the end.

    BTW, the fruitcake lady email you sent me was hysterical! I’ve sent it on to a few others too. I swear, it’s like that woman is one of the old ladies here in our development that I play dominoes with. Or the one that once brought us over a half-eaten cake!

  13. leo myshkin Says:

    has anyone ever told you that you’re like wyoming knott in “the moon is a harsh mistress?”

    i’ll be playing steely dan’s “show business kids” tonight.

  14. Ghone Says:

    Nice blow job photo!

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