I thougth Jon Stewart was hysterical….the opening 5-10 minutes was just perfect…and that he was poking fun of the biggest stars in Hollywood, made it even funnier..Like he said, what are they going to do, bust me down from basic cable.?
I was pleased at some of the awards and disappointed at some others…think Matt Dillion should have won supporting actor for Crash as apposed to George Clooney, but think it was sort of a popularity contest…and would have loved to see Felicity Huffman win instead of Reese Witherspoon…..and even though the academy nominated Broke Back Mountain for 8 Oscars, I didn’t think it was going to come away a big winner..But they did honor Ang Lee as Director..And for a change it didn’t go over by 2 hours like it usually does.So if you didn’t watch and want to know who was nominated and who won…email me..I have all the winners…ha..have done that every year for about 15 years or better..To me the biggest fuck up on award was the original song Oscar which went to Mafia 3? or somthing like that for a song called It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp….from Hustle and Flow….it’s not that I don’t think it deserved to win,,(it didn’t way..)’s just that you know not one of those old farts voting for Oscars have ever even listened to a rap song more or less listened to it enough to say…oh yes, this is the best song….Dolly Parton was up for Traveling Through from Trans America….and she sang it and Mafia 3 did theirs and puuuuuuulease…there was no comparison….Show me one white person under the age of 30 who can tell me one line from that song other than it’s hard out here for a pimp..and I will kiss yo ass…Those old farts were just trying to look cool….and all they did is make asses out of their selves…although it was worth the price of amission to see them get up and thank everybody in the rap world…and they were the only ones that thanked Jesus..which I enjoyed…They had better commercials at Oscars than at Super Bowl…the one for GM was really cool…especially if you’re an old fart like me…and the best part of the Oscars? Was when they introduced Samuel L. Jackson and he strutted out there like the baddest mother fucker in town…..he swaggered….and I loved it….it was hot….They need to take Lauren Bacall back to the old farts home…she had lots of trouble reading her lines and was doing the Kathern Hepburn head wobble…Right after the local news Jimmy Kimmel’s show was on …he had Quintin Tarantino, Johnny Noxville, and the Tennessee Three (John Cash’s band)….it was pretty funny….they used the 5 second beeep for bad language a lot….think Q. and Johnny N. were nipping a little back stage before they came on…I think they word for the night was cocksucker….So there you go folks…the Hollywood update….


8 Responses to “AND THE OSCAR GOES TO………………”

  1. princeofbrokenhearts Says:

    well, pucker up- you have never lived in detroit, i take it…

    all of the little white boys out here, with the exception of myself, think they are little badasses, and walk around quoting shite like that friggin constantly…

    annoying as hell, i think…

  2. Nancy Says:

    They were making jokes about the song on Good Morning America, it was pretty funny. I agree with you thought it didn’t deserve to win.

  3. PJ Says:

    I think Quintin was high on something on Jimmie Kimmel last night. But he is ADHD anyway and sometimes is just high on nothing.
    I say if Jamie Fox got an Oscar last year for Ray then why didn’t Joaquin Phoenix get one this year for Walk the Line? Wrong, wrong wrong. But I realize it is a popularity contest among memebers of the academy and they actually spend big bucks to win votes.

  4. Babs Says:

    You know that Dryer’s actually makes some Girl scout cookie ice cream this time of year. There’s Thin mint, which is chocolate ice cream with thin mint cookies and Tagalongs in vanilla and some others. I don’t know if they sell Dryer’s down there, but they do up here.
    Fuck my SIL. She’s a bitch and always will be. Can’t change her, but still love my niece and nephews and feel sorry for those kids having to put up with her and my evil brother. *sigh*
    Sorry about Mojo and Bailey. That’s so sad, glad that Jon Stewart helped you laugh some last night.

  5. Normy Says:

    Yeah, Dolly definately should have won the best song… any song with the word “pimp” in the title prooooobably shouldn’t deserve an Oscar…

  6. Rocky (Racquel) Says:

    Next year they should dump Joan Rivers and have you on the red carpet doing commentary instead! πŸ™‚

  7. Nit Wit Says:

    I missed it all and forgot to set my DVR to record it. That work thing again. If I ever let someone shrink my brain I could probably get full disability like my brother and not miss anything ever again.

  8. Scottish Toodler Says:

    Does everyone in the academy vote for best song? I think only best picture is open to all academy voters, but everything else is limited to your union. That is how it used to be, I think. I just don’t watch the Oscars anymore, and I guess I only turned it on during the bad parts. Miss Bacall was depressing. It is scary that someone that awesome ends up that wobbly!!!

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