Went to post office to mail the pictures to my friend Karla who will have them back to me I hope in about a week..Then I went to the library and checked out 3 new books..
1) A Million Little Peices by James Frey..(who got a spanking on Oprah Winfrey’s show, and for the record thought she was just a little too I’m above doing wrong and your a giant asshole for my taste)…I mean for the Goddess’s sake..he was an alchoholic drug abuser…of course he lied..that’s what drunks do….why tell the truth when we can embellish a little and make it better…sanctimonious heifer)
2)The Regime by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins(the lastest in series of the Left Behind Books…yes I read them even though I don’t believe in God, it is still good reading)
3)The Lighthouse by P.D. James…
Will let you know how I liked them..
It is another spring time day in West, Texas and I can’t tell you how beautiful it is..Texas has the most amazing clouds…that is what I really missed when I lived in S. Calif. was the clouds….there was so much smog you couldn’t see the sky most of the time….and when I came back to Texas I swore that I would never take for granted ‘them big fat fluffy pillowy clouds’…..more than once I have just stopped the truck, got out and leaned on it to look up at the sky and appreciate the wonder of Texas skies filled with those lovely clouds…
The only draw back for my day is when I went out this morning to get the paper, I found Rocky’s breakfast…a beautiful red bird…damn’s not like he need’s the food, he eats like a pig…I know it is the cat in him…that is what cat’s do…but damn…I just hated to see that bird ending up as his meal…little fucker..
The high light of my day was checking my mail and finding my first edition of Vanity Fair. Shady Lane had told me she was getting me a subscription to it as they always had great stories in it and she wanted to be able to talk with me about them…we likes to bullshit on stuff we find interesting…What is really funny is that a hard shell yankee with a fuckyou and your mother attitude could end up being friends (for over 30 years) with a hard shell fuckyou, how’s your mother attitude. Ain’t life a kick in the ass…
So I will also be updating you on the articles in Vanity Fair.I can just see you all rolling your eyes in your head going “and we should give a shit? why?”…Because I will try to be funny and will say fuck alot..
I don’t know if you all have noticed but with the exception of when I am conversing about forest gump and an occasional fuckity fuck fuck fuck….I have been trying to delete most of my random fucks…not sure why…maybe I’m trying to be more user friendly…But knowing me the way I do…..that won’t last long…I have been saying fuck in one form or another since I was 4 years old…so don’t expect it to last long…Besides I figure if I’m not going to do it I should at least be able to say it..

I just reread my post…lots of fucks in maybe I’m not deleting as many as I thought….


11 Responses to “VANITY FAIR…….”

  1. Jack the Blogger Says:

    I’ll be sure to check out those clouds when JaxBlog HQ goes on the road to Texas next month!

    (BTW — cool Dubya countdown clock — I LIKE!)

  2. Babs Says:

    “Because I will try to be funny and will say fuck alot..” LMAO!!!! Keep up the good work!!!
    I saw a thing on someone’s blog that said “Parental Advisary, I say fuck a lot” and thought of you!
    Yep, love that cat herder commercial. Best commercial ever made. Oh ya, and the lunch was good. Had some lasagna and some yummy italian garlic rolls. Good stuff.

  3. BriteYellowGun Says:

    Vanity Fair is my favorite magazine! You’ll love it. They HATE Bush in that thing, every month there’s a great article exposing his corrupt regime. I got my issue in the mail the other day but haven’t opened it yet. I was excited to see that handsome hunk Tom Ford on the cover though so I’m looking forward to reading.

  4. Lauren Says:

    Sweetie. . . If you stopped saying fuck, I’d have to drive to West, BY GAWD, Texas to see if you are OK. . . Looking forward to the Vanity Fair reviews. I used to pick up a copy from time to time. Good reading. . .

    Saturday night, this girl is gonna be “Chin Up, Tits Out” walking into that party, because I know about 10 blog buddies that will drive to Motown to kick my sorry Tranny ass if I don’t LOL!!

    Sorry about Rocky making lunch out of that bird. . . My beloved Boris was the same way. It always made me cry. . . But, he was just doing what cats do.

    Love ya!!

  5. Normy Says:

    Hmm… maybe I should start reading Vanity Fair… 0.o That’s too bad your cat ate a redbird… which reminds me that there is a male cardinal that tries to attack his reflection in the windows of my house and my truck mirrors. Damn fool shits everywhere then leaves little scrapey claw marks. Hopefully the cat got one of the idiot redbirds like that one.

    Anyways say fuck all ya want to, because… face it, it’s a great All-American word.

  6. Rocky (Racquel) Says:

    Sanctimonious heifer – haha – spoken like a true southern lady! LOL

  7. Beansidhe Says:

    You carry on cussin’!! Sometimes a good fuck is the only thing that keeps us sane – verbal or otherwise 🙂

  8. Nancy Says:

    James Frey told a great story. I read both his books and in the beginning he says he’s embellishing the story. Working mostly with detox guys I found the book very good.

    What the fuck, it’s a good read.

  9. chattymoon2012 Says:

    What happened to the REAL JackieSue? Nothin’ wrong with the fuck word. Gets things said. Gets things done. Jacjie don’t go away and leave this strange FUCKLESS Jacki in your place,lol. Yeah, Vanity Fair speaks to us low people. I don’t think Dubya has many people rootin’ for him nowadays…..

  10. apositivepessimist Says:

    aww don’t be deleting them “fucks”…just wouldn’t be jackiesue without them.

  11. Scottish Toodler Says:

    Fuckity fuck, I can’t wait to read your reviews. What a relief, now I won’t feel guilty for not ever reading VF anymore!!!

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