North Texas is on fire and we had rain last night. The fire is terrible…something like 600,000 acres on fire and 4 people killed…Here in West it is green and lush…flowers blooming, grass is green and birds every where..Rained all night long and we needed it…we have been lucky so far..just a few small grass fires..nothing serious…thank the goddess..
In the mean time I owe Sooner a Dublin Dr. Pepper as his Okie girls beat my girl bears…Matt lost the race by a pubic hair…what a mess…I think I was more upset than Babs ….She’s like…oh well, he got points for coming in second and there is another race next weekend…I on the other hand am in the closet digging for my cowboy boots to go kick someones ass..jeeeeeez ….
I have acquired another nephew…this makes 2 now..have one more nephew and a niece to go…David is in Iraq. He works for Hallaburton…..he gave me a job discription but too complicated for me…He and his wife have been married for 30 years..wow..He will be home soon for his r&r for 6 months. He says it is pretty scary that he knows there are people out there that will cut his head off if they kidnap him and they won’t let them carry a gun….hooboy….The must pay a lot of money…..
I got new books from library…6 of them..
!) Christ The Lord…..Out of Egypt by Anne Rice….I am reading it now and almost done.It is the life of Jesus when he was a child…..So far it has been a total waste of trees….
2)Queen Isabella by Alison Weir…Biography…..very good so far..reading it along with the Anne Rice book…
3)The Thrall’s Tale by Judith Lindbergh……a story about a Viking slave (Thrall) and he daughter…will see
4)Cold Skin by Albert Sanchez Pinol…spooky book…
5)A Minister’s Ghost by phillip DePoy….another spooky one
6)Nothing But Trouble by Michael McGarrity…..mystery…..
so will let you know how they are…but the Anne Rice book just sucks….while reading it I keep asking Anne to make it better…but so far….nada..
Did you read in the paper where Oklahoma is passing a law to make it legal to kill child molesters?…..Works for me….
I should get my kit to get signitures to get Kinky on the ballot in the mail today…They sent it priority mail and should have been here Saturday, but it didn’t make it…That should be good for a few laughs…..Me pounding on doors asking people to give it up for Kinky….


5 Responses to “…….FIRE AND RAIN…….”

  1. Babs Says:

    Ya, we had rain last night too, but only a 30 minute thunderstorm. So, we are on fire up here where I am or another part of N. TX? I guess I should watch the news someday.
    Babs is having post race depression today. But I’m glad to see you got so pissed off… it means it’s happening to you to… the NASCAR is taking over. Slowly it is taking over your soul….
    Anne Rice needs to go back to Vampire books. Those were much better. Or strange voodoo crap.

  2. Nancy Says:

    If you want some good scary stuff to read these guys are the greatest writers in that department…Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
    Brimstone is one book and Dance of Death the second…could not put them down. Love these two guys and how they write a story.

    Ann Rice’s story about the witches and Lasher were pretty good.

    Wally Lamb’s This Much I know Is True is one of my favorite books.

  3. Jack the Blogger Says:

    The Jesus book is by Anne Rice?? Did I misunderstand? Isn’t she the author of the vampire books? I know, I know, people can write about more than one subject…but man, talk about going from one extreme to the other!

    Hey, we had 71 degrees up here on Saturday, yesterday was like living in a frickin’ wind tunnel, and now we’re back to the forties all week (with a possibility of snow thrown in for good measure!). Ahhhh…that’s Illinois for ya.

  4. chattymoon2012 Says:

    Yeah I heard where Anne Rice had a change of subjects and I guess was trying to appeal to the religeous among us. Well if they buy this book manybe she’ll make her money back on publishing costs and I’ll se the rest in the Dollar Store. I don’t think any of The Vampire fans will bother buying once the word gets around that the new Anne Rice doesn’t write the good stuff anymore 😛

  5. Scottish Toodler Says:

    That Thrall book sounds interesting. Rice is such a bore these days. I am reading Neil Gaimen’s STARDUST. I want to send it to you because I think you will like it and I know you are always sending books around.

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