YOU DON’T KNOW ME…Cindy Walker

Willie Nelson has a new cd out… He pays tribute to Cindy Walker who wrote some of the greatest songs…Like ‘You don’t know Me, Cherokee Maiden, Take Me in your Arms and Hold Me, and Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Age.’ She is 87 years old and lives in Mart, Texas, which isn’t that far from here. Johnny Gimble plays on it along with The Jordanaires…How cool is that…I would like to hear “You Don’t Know Me” it has always been a favorite song of mine..I wish there was a radio station that played Willie, Chris, Johnny, Waylon and all the old songs…I don’t like most so called country music today…nor many of the singers…it is just pop music with fiddles…and few fiddles.. Some I do Lucinda Williams, but would be hard pressed to name any more…

Man oh man…there is so much madness out in the world I don’t know where to start..Will start close to home…Panhandle of Texas is on fire….over 1,000 square acres are burned and on fire. Seven have died and 2 are missing…Cattle, crops, homes, out buildings all gone…. Oklahoma, is on fire too…Farmers in other parts of the state and the country are being asked to ship in hay as they have nothing to feed the remaining livestock….it’s all gone…Plus the tornado’s in Oklahoma, Mo, Kansas, etc…I swear if I was a believed the end of the world criers, I would tend to think they might be right..We are going to hell in a handbasket.. Then watched on news this morning where a huge chunk of ice fell into the ocean in the anartica….and is not the first time….How long can you tread water Noah?
Fire, floods, countries all over the world are suffering from drought, mad cow desease, bird flu, and aids. Plus we have people killed each other in record amounts, and every country either has the bomb or is big buds with someone that does. Lets not forget our old friend Iran……lordy lordy….Today in the DAM NEWS is a tiny little article…here tis’
Tehran, Iran…An Iranian newspaper’s contest for Holocaust-related cartoons has drawn entries from 200 people, with some drawings mocking the World War 2 slaughter:one entry shows Jews going into a gas pipeline. Most contest entrants are Iranian, but six are Americans , and a few cartoons have been submitted from as far away as Indonesia and Brazil, according to the Hamshahri newspaper, A few of the drawings have been posted online.
Jeez…even I can be at a loss for words once in awhile..

Closer to home…Arkansas is being urged to prepare themselves for a big quake.. The small town of Piggott ..populaion of 3,900, which sits on the edge of what researchers say is the most active seismic zone in the U. S. east of the Rockies, is just a tad shakey… It shows a little inset map of the places in the zone….goes from Memphis, through Charleston, Kenn. to Ilinoise….holy shit….Seems like we have bloggers out there in that neck of the woods….so …..head for the hills……..

Didn’t mean to make this a doom and gloom blog..started out with Willie and went to Arkansas earthquakes…
fuckme till I duck and cover


7 Responses to “YOU DON’T KNOW ME…Cindy Walker”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Geeez Jackie Sue I’m afraid to leave my house now and I have to go to work.

    The happy note, think the happy thoughts, come on people, everyone think positive…Willie singing is such a happy place for me…

  2. BriteYellowGun Says:

    Just tell me that Shamrock, Texas is still there!

  3. Beansidhe Says:

    Scary innit? Makes ya wish ya were ignorant sometimes eh?

    On a totally unrelated note, they’ve finally started selling “Cell” over here, but it’s in hard back and I’m too mean to splash out on it – I’ll wait til the paperback is out 🙂

  4. leo myshkin Says:

    lucinda williams is cool. i could listen to “lake charles” all day.

  5. Zombie_Flyboy Says:

    You have good taste in music.

    As for the disasters, well, there is a downside to living anywhere I guess.

    I try not to worry about it.

  6. Nit Wit Says:

    Hey, it’s all part of the gumps plan to hasten the second coming.
    He is confused about that though.
    He thinks the first coming was nine months before Laura had the twins.

    We have had a bunch of rain the last week and now it’s going to go back to being cold again.

    I need to go to my happy place and think happy thoughts. 🙂

  7. Scottish Toodler Says:

    Well I am reading backwards, but that is what I was feeling at that time.

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