Went to sleep last night at around 10:30pm…I actually didn’t make Letterman..a first….slept till 6:45 am…and its 9:46am and have had cream of wheat, cup of tea and phone call from my Nephew Phillip. His computer has a virus and wanted me to know so I wouldn’t think he was not emailing me for any reason, other than his computer is down. How sweet this boy is..and what a small world. He is a plumber and was in Waco 5-6 years back and Thom was his salesman and he said he really liked him and then at my sisters funeral(his mom) one of the girls mentioned her dad worked at the place where he got all his supplies and then realized that Thom was his cousin…how weird..
Going to go to city hall today and see if it is ok for me to go door to door and get signatures for Kinky..We have some sort of city law about door to door sales men that you either have to get permission from the city or a permit of some kind..Not sure..Would be funny as hell if I started knocking on doors and got arrested for getting people to give it up for Kinky…
Phillip also told me that his brother David who is in Iraq has been there for 3 years..we are hoping that he will be home on R&R for the reunion and Westfest this Labor Day weekend…He and Loralee, his wife are going to come down before the reunion and get a room at the Czech Inn..he thinks the name of the hotel is funny…told him …”wait till you meet the citizens”….
Damn, I hate to go to town…ugh..but need grub…Least it is a pretty day out..Has been in the 70’s and sunny….
Oh crap…read in the paper this am…that they released Terrell Owen from Eagles and the Cowboys released our receiver and we might be in the running to get T.O. …I have no doubt that our coach is more than capable of keeping him in line, but don’t want that asshole on my team…to have to root and want him to do good cause he is one of us…fuckity fuck fuck fuck…
ok…..I’m going to West…ya’ll come back and see us…ya’hea………………



  1. leo myshkin Says:

    jerry jones, T.O., and the big tuna.

    sounds like a fun time. bring back hollywood henderson as the special coach in charge of dealing with T.O.

  2. Nancy Says:

    I don’t know football, but I do know about not knowing who your cousins are, being from a huge family, my kids would like someone at school and come and ask are we related? It’s good they ask. heheheh

    I picked up at the used book store today Talking to the Ground by Douglas Preston, hope it’s as good as the others.

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