I think I have mentioned before that when it rains in West, one of two things happens:1).the electricity goes out,or 2) the phones get fucked up….(or both)
Well, the electric stayed on but some time during Sat. night I lost the phone..it is Tuesday and about noon time they got my phone fixed….thank the goddess….So I had no phone, no computer, no blogging, no buds, nada, nuffin, zero, zilch, zippadeedoodoo…it was a sad and weepy weekend in West..Can’t tell you how many times I would jump up to go post something and nope…no telephone..no computer…So to say I was pissed Sunday, Monday and half of today…is an understatement…had all that venom built up against Jerry Jones and Terrell Owens….fuckers…for the ones that don’t understand the gravity about this jackass suiting up in a Dallas cowboy uniform well, I will give a little recap..when Terrell Ownens played for the fucking 49er’s(another hated team by Cowboy fans..not as much as the Eagles, but hated ..)they were doing something they hadn’t done in a long time..they were kicking our asses and kicking it good…after T.O. made a touchdown he went toward the sidelines and then instead ran out into the middle of the field where the Dallas Star is and stood on it and raised his arms up into the air…like he was some demi-god…fucker…..ok, that was bad enough…but it happened again…and while he was going through his little act, one of the Cowboys ran up and knocked him ass over tea kettle…(wish I could remember who that player is…just can’t remember)…but what really fucking tied a knot in my tail was when they were interviewing him after the game…he said he didn’t know why the player hit him and knocked him down…said it must have been because he blocked him on the goal line earlier on in the game…when you are so out of touch with the real world that you just don’t get why that would have pissed off the players and fans…well, you deserve to get treated like shit by other players and by the ones on your own team…he just doesn’t get it at all…he is an inflated ego with an assshole..or an asshole with an inflated ego…not sure which…basically……he has a personality like a sack full of hemorrhoids….and I don’t want that dipship asswipe on my teams…I don’t care if we go all season with no losses..I would rather lose without him then to win with him……And to top it off ….he played for the Philadelphia fucking Eagles….the team that ole Jackiesue hates more than any team in the league..the team with the most gawdawful fans ever…so that doesn’t help either…I tell my grandaughters that hating someone is like taking poison and hopping that person will die from it…so I don’t HATE him….but like I tell the girls…..I dislike him intensely….
fuckme till I holler….



  1. leo myshkin Says:

    you owe my arse an apology. my hemorrhoids have much more class than t.o. in fact they have an appointment with a lovely lady doctor tomorrow morning.

  2. Babs Says:

    So glad you are back!! Yes, you were missed!!! And I thought that the Owens thing had caused you to have a heart attack or something.
    Welcome Home JS!

  3. Lauren Says:

    Glad you’re back JS. . . Thought maybe you got swept downstream in all that rain you wanted. . . LOL!!

    T.O. is such an asshole!!! He’d be a natural here with the Lions. . .

    At least they sent Joey Harrington packing yesterday. . . Mr. “Please Don’t Hit Me, I’m Just A Little Girl.” . . . The little wimp goes to the fetal position every time someone gets near him. . . Not to mention that he couldn’t hit the ground with his hat. . . I’m guessing nobody will pick him up. . . He’s done. . . Fine’. . . Kapuut. . . washed up like an old dish rag. . .

    CC now thinks I am his personal climbing tree. . . I’m fair game if I sit still for more than about 30 seconds at a time. . .

    Cats. . . Can’t live live with ’em, can’t eat ’em. . .

    Go Kinky!!!

  4. Scottish Toodler Says:

    My goodness Goddess, I hope I never anger you!!! Thank goodness I don’t follow sports (is a hockey a sport?? hehehe)

  5. Nit Wit Says:

    You scared me by being gone with no word. You were so mad in your last post I thought you blew a gasket! Glad your back.
    Now I’m haveing trouble getting into blogger.
    Think positive thoughts! He could get injured in the first exibition game. The only question is will it be by the other team or his own team mates. They do have a way to let you know when they don’t like you. 🙂

  6. Nancy Says:

    I was worried about you, glad you’re back. Sounds like you feel the way Bruce feels about Johnny Damon going to the Yankees, any other team but the damn Yankees.

  7. princeofbrokenhearts Says:


  8. chattymoon2012 Says:

    Maybe even if you had had your telephone on Tues. you prob still wouldn’t have been able to reach your blog..I was shut out all Monday…went to bed at 12 midnight, still no blogspot for me. Yesterday when I woke up it was working and I said Thank The Goddess because I couldn’t have stood another day without you guys. I finally went to the Tower and gave a distress call and people came to my aid because I was having panic attacks over this. So I understand how you felt about no blogging access. But at least I had the Tower. You know what I am scared of? No lights. No lights means no computer, no tv, no fridge and candles. I shudder to think…anyway Welcome back I KNOW you are very relieved….hugz, Linda

  9. Normy Says:

    Hey! Glad you’re back! And now I understand about the Dallas deal! 0.o

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