…….HE’S BACK…….

Yes, he has finally come over to the dark side….my (and yours) old friend Danny aka Bookemdano has a blog here now…it is bookemdanno2@blogspot.com think he has posted just once so far…I have asked Nancy to see if she can’t fix him up with a groovy cool template that reflects his deep and inner love for mankind…or just man in general.
In case you are not acquainted with my friend Danny…here’s some info on him…He lives In Maine, he is the father of a 19 year old beautiful daughter…he is an actor, playwrite and all around great son, father and friend. he acts at the Portland Soundstage and is writing a play right now..I won’t go into any detail as it is Dan’s story and he will tell it better then I ever could. I just would like for you to check him out and wish him a blogger welcome..Sooner, Babs, BYG, Denise and some others know Dan and am sure they will be glad to hear he is baaaaaaack….badder and funnier than ever…


3 Responses to “…….HE’S BACK…….”

  1. yellowdog granny Says:

    i tried to edit this fucker and dont know if it took or not.but it is bookemdanno@blogspot.com..that’s 2 n’s in danno…fuckme…rats…

  2. Cheyenne Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. BriteYellowGun Says:

    I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to hear this! One of my true favorites is back!!!

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